Tropical Jello Shots With Island Vibes

Whether you’re throwing a beach bash, luau, or shark party, you’ll find something in this list of Tropical Jello Shots to serve. They are some of the Best Jello Shot Recipes you can make.

Are you dreaming of sandy beaches and bright sunshine? Sometimes, hosting a party is just the thing you need.

And when you’re hosting a party, the easiest way to serve drinks to everyone is to make some Jello shots.

A collage of tropical jello shots.

I love Jello shots! They are really easy to decorate. So, they can match any theme that you set.

Plus, when you serve Jello shots, you can make enough for everyone without having to play bartender at your own party. Each guest can pick up a shot – it’s so easy!

These are probably some of my favorite Jello shots of all time, too. I love how they look, taste, and how easy they are to make.

Best Alcohol For Jello Shots

What is the best type of alcohol to use in Jello shots? Honestly, any kind of liquor can work. You just have to use ingredients that complement the flavors in the liquor.

I personally prefer to use vodka to make Jello shots, because it doesn’t have a strong or unique flavor. It allows all the other flavors to stand out.

I also used strawberry creme liquor to make the strawberry shortcake jello shots and peach schnapps to make the Sex on the Beach shots.

Honestly, I suggest clicking through on each shot that catches your eyes the most. There are so many different ways to make Jello shots.

Most of the recipes in this list also include a virgin or non-alcoholic option, too.

The one thing all of these Jello shots have in common is that they have a tropical fruit flair.

And just like these rum jello shots, there are plenty of shots below that taste like the flavors of summer.

A collage of tropical jello shots.

They will look and taste perfect at any beach-themed party you throw.

So pick out your favorites and make them today.

Jello Shot Supplies

What supplies do you need when you make Jello shots?

This all depends on which Jello shots you make. Some Jello shots require a few different supplies. Click through on the recipes that you like the most and see which tools and stuff you need.

Generally, before you make Jello shots, you’ll need at least these basic things:

  • Small Saucepan with a Lid
  • Small Condiment Containers With a Lid
  • Whipped Cream in a Can (or a piping bag)

It’s actually pretty easy to make Jello shots. The most difficult ones are the kinds that have layers. You have to wait for each layer to set before adding the next layer.

Otherwise, these tropical Jello shots are easy to make ahead and then serve to your guests when it’s time to party.

More Party Ideas

After you select the theme and plan the Jello shots, you still have more to plan. I have tons of party ideas to help you out.

I also have a search bar here on Oh My Creative. Type in what you’re looking for and you’ll probably find it.

Are you ready for the list of tropical Jello shots? Here you go! These are fruity, fun, and always fit in with any beach or tropical party you host.

Supplies you’ll need

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Tropical Jello Shots

Tropical Jello Shots are the ultimate party treat, bursting with fruity flavors and a hint of island vibes. These fun and colorful shots are perfect for bringing a taste of the tropics to any celebration or gathering!

Did you enjoy this list of tropical Jello shots? If you did, pin it to Pinterest so you can find it later.

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