22 DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

From potted plants to potholders, these DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts will stand out! These are gifts teachers want. And for your kids, print out some Free Printable Coloring Pages For Kids next!

While gift cards are always appreciated, very few things express gratitude quite like something homemade. And these teacher appreciation gifts will tell your child’s teacher how thankful you are for everything they do.

This list includes things that you’ll enjoy making and some that your kids can help you put together.

A pin collage of DIY teacher appreciation gifts

Browse the list and pick out the ones that remind you of your child’s teacher. You can even let your child pick them out.

Some are super thoughtful, others are funny, and others are just so fun and creative that you know they’ll make the teacher smile.

You don’t have to be an experienced crafter to make them, either. Most of the crafts in this list come with a printable template that shows you how to make them.

What To Give Teachers

What do teachers want for teacher appreciation? That’s the biggest question of all!

Some classes will have a parent volunteer who asks the teacher to fill out a questionnaire with all their favorite things on it. Ask the teacher if they filled one out.

If not, I suggest making one of the more funny/punny DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts on this list.

There are some things that almost all teachers enjoy.

Classroom organization tools and supplies are always welcome.

So are things that the teacher can use, like keychains and coffee mugs.

A pin collage of DIY teacher appreciation gifts including free printables.

Or think more sentimental and let your child make something that has their artwork or picture in it.

Keep scrolling through the list below – you’re sure to find something that sparks your interest!

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Craft Supplies You’ll Need

It’s impossible to list out all of the craft supplies you will need for all of the crafts in this list. There are too many!

But I will give you the most common craft supplies that you’ll probably use for most of them.

Click through to each craft idea and it will tell you the exact supplies you need.

These craft supplies are used in almost all of the DIY gifts in this list:

And most of the ideas in this list include printables, so you should have a color printer.

A pin collage of DIY teacher appreciation gifts including free printables.

Of course, you could also send the printables to a local printer and pick them up, saving you money on ink!

More Homemade Gifts

Keep giving homemade gifts for other holidays, too! Here are some of my favorite collections of DIY gift ideas.

No matter what holiday you’re celebrating, there are gifts you can make. And making gifts always means so much more than buying them.

Are you ready for the list of DIY Teacher Appreciation gifts? Here you go! Click through to the ideas that you like. That’s where you’ll find the tutorials and printables.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Whether it’s for the first day of school, Teacher Appreciation Day (May 7), or any random day of the school year, it’s good to let a favorite teacher know they are appreciated. While an apple is the classic gift, it’s not always the most practical.

Did you enjoy this list of DIY teacher appreciation gifts? If you did, pin this post to Pinterest so you can find it every single year.

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