20 St. Patrick’s Day Treats

Add some lucky magic to your holiday! These cute St. Patrick’s Day treats are fun for both kids and adults. Then, enjoy some St. Patrick’s Day activities with them.

The treats are the best part of any holiday! And when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, the treats are colorful and bursting with good luck.

I kept busy people in mind when I created this list. These treats are easy to make, and so much fun to eat.

A pin image collage of St. Patrick's Day treats

They are perfect for handing out to a class party, filling up individual bags as party favors, or just munching on at home.

Browse the list of creative St. Patrick’s Day treats and click through to the ones that catch your eye.

Some of them are so easy to make, that kids can help make them too! Let this St. Patrick’s Day be the most fun one yet!

What To Eat On St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is all about celebrating Irish heritage. And with that comes celebrating and enjoying the folklore around it.

Since Ireland is known as the “emerald isle” green treats will stand out the most. I mean, you’re supposed to wear green, so why not make green treats too?

You can also make treats around four other Irish symbols: the leprechaun, four-leaf clovers, gold, and rainbows.

Those are the symbols and themes you’ll find in this list!

These fun St. Patrick’s Day treats range from rainbow pretzels and cookies to clover-decorated sugar cookies.

Or you can even go healthier and make a fruit plate that looks like a rainbow.

A pin image collage of St. Patrick's Day treats

Skip on down to the list and click through to the ideas that stick out the most to you.

Then, make as many of the treats as you want! All of them are so easy that you’ll be tempted to make a bunch of them.

Where To Buy St. Patrick’s Day Stuff

Where do you buy St. Patrick’s Day decorations, party decor, clothes, or serving trays?

I prefer to shop online for all my holiday needs. I can compare prices and find exactly what I need. They even have things you can buy personalized.

But if you really want something custom, you can’t get better than Etsy. I love supporting small businesses and the stuff you buy on Esty are things you can’t get anywhere else.

I also suggest checking out local art fairs or farmer’s markets near you. A lot of home crafters sell their stuff at these local events.

A pin image collage of St. Patrick's Day desserts including rainbow donuts and leprechaun cookies

Start out with the treats and then decide what decor or serving trays you need for them.

More St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

I have even more ideas to share with you, too! From drinks to snacks, here are some more delicious things you can whip up on this fun holiday.

There are so many more ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than just wearing a green shirt. It’s a fun holiday with a rich history!

Are you ready to find the treats? Here you go! Browse this list of St. Patrick’s Day treats and make your favorite ones.

St. Patrick's Day Treats

Get your green on with some tasty St. Patrick's Day party food! From classic corned beef and cabbage to green-themed snacks like spinach dip and shamrock-shaped cookies, there's something delicious for everyone to enjoy at your festive celebration.

I hope you enjoyed these fun and creative St. Patrick’s Day treats. If you did, please pin this to Pinterest so you can find it later.

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