Fins On! Fun and Creative Shark Party Ideas

Shark Week and Shark Themed Parties seem to be very popular these days! So I thought I would put together these great Shark Party Ideas to help you plan your party!

There is so much fascination over sharks. They are powerful large and scary and this appeals to a lot of kids as well as adults.

It is natural that kids would want to have a shark birthday party just as much as adults would have fun hosting a Shark Week party!

Plus there are some really cute shark foods to make, drinks and great ways to decorate the party space like the deep blue ocean. If the weather is nice it’s great to host the party in your backyard.

If you have a backyard pool or have access to a pool club it is a lot of fun to have a shark pool party where the kids can splash for hours!

I made these Shark Fin Jello Cups for the kiddos a few years ago but just made this adult version into Shark Fin Jello Shots! So fun!

Shark Party Decorations:

Here are some Fin-Tastic shark party decorating ideas to turn your party space into shark-filled waters!

  • Hang blue and white streamers or crepe paper from the ceiling to create an underwater feeling.
  • Set up a “shark zone” sign at the entrance of the party area to let guests know they’ve arrived.
  • Hang a shark piñata in an open area – this is a great party decoration and game for the kids. Fill it with small toys and candy for the party games later on.
  • Set up a shark photo booth area with ocean-inspired props like beach balls, snorkeling gear, and sea shells. You can also use shark-themed party decorations like cut-outs of sharks and seaweed.
  • Make a shark balloon arch or display using blue and gray balloons to create a fun focal point in the party area.

Shark Party Food Ideas:

There are so many fun ways to make cute shark foods! Shark jello cups, shark cookies or cupcakes and more.

  • Shark-shaped sandwiches are a great way to feed your guests. You can use a shark-shaped cookie cutter to cut out bread, cheese, and lunch meat. Then, add lettuce, tomato, and condiments to complete the sandwich.
  • Mini shark-shaped pizzas are another fun option. Use a shark-shaped cookie cutter to cut out pizza dough, then add pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings of your choice.
  • Blue Shark Fin Jello Cups with shark fins on the spoons. A simple but fun dessert idea.
  • Shark fin cupcakes are a great way to add a fun element to your dessert table. Use fondant or candy melts to make shark fins that you can place on top of cupcakes.
  • Shark attack punch is a fun drink idea. You can use blue-colored punch and add gummy sharks floating inside to create a fun, ocean-themed drink for your guests.

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Shark Party Favors:

These Shark Gift Bags are perfect to hand out with the shark favors you will see below. Shopping online for party favors is a real timesaver when putting together party favor bags!

Here are some great sharky favor ideas!

Remember, the key to having a successful shark-themed party is to have fun and get creative with your decorations, food, and party favors

This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.

Shark Party Ideas & Supplies:

Shark Crafts and Shark Party Ideas

Shark week is the perfect time to get creative with some shark crafts! This roundup has everything from easy projects for kids to more intricate ideas that are perfect for a party. There's even a free printable! Whether you're looking for something simple or want to go all out, there's definitely something here for you.

Shark Week Crafts And Party Ideas. So many clever shark crafts, shark themed food ideas and shark games for Shark Week for shark birthday parties! | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM | Shark Craft | Shark Fin Crafts | Shark Foods | Shark party Theme


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  1. I’m going to have to try a few of these ideas because our family loves shark week. This would be fun to do a whole theme thing.

    Shannon ~

    1. Hi Kristina,

      If you leave me the correct link to your Shark Activity, I will correct it in my post. I do my best to share from the original source. Sorry!


  2. Hi Susan,
    I just love, love, love all the shark ideas. I will definitely bookmark this page. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love these creative shark party ideas! The fin-tastic decorations and shark-tastic games are purr-fect for a fun and memorable party. Can’t wait to try out the shark-themed cake idea 🐳🎂.

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