Cinco De Mayo Party Ideas

Find plenty of great Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas to get your party planning started! With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start looking for Cinco de Mayo ideas and inspiration.

I love any excuse to throw a party just as much as anyone else, but Cinco de Mayo is also a great time to enjoy food, friends, and family and throw a party simultaneously.

A collage of Cinco de Mayo party ideas including nachos, drinks and decorations.

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican army’s victory over the French during the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War back in 1862. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo has turned into an almost worldwide celebration, so here is how to throw the best Cinco de Mayo party ever!

Set the mood with these party ideas

Mexican culture puts a significant focus on the food at their celebrations. Many of their celebrations focus on food and family, so make sure you do the same with this celebration.

And yes, do buy inexpensive festive decorations!

Pay more attention to the food you’re serving and the guest list. Then move on to details such as drinks, music and decor. Try to keep your menu as authentic as you can, and don’t forget the reason you are celebrating in the first place.

A collage of Cinco de Mayo party ideas including Mexican banner, drinks and decorations.

Cinco de Mayo Menu

One of my favorite go-to options is to assemble a build-your-own taco bar! You can do this easily cheaply, and it will allow your party guests to build their own creative tacos!

Think outside the box and dive into another Mexican cuisine if tacos aren’t your thing. Enchiladas, casseroles, quesadillas, or even fajitas are all great options if you’re looking for something to feed a crowd.

Elevate your dishes!

What can you do to go the extra mile with your dishes? Think toppings! Adding fresh-cut tomatoes, queso cheese, or even a hint of cilantro can elevate a dish. Making your own creme fresh can make even the most boring taco exciting.

Cinco de Mayo Drink Ideas

Next, set up a drinks area. You can mix together your own creations or set up a margarita bar for your guests. They can pour their drinks, making it easier for you as a host.

I recommend including margaritas. They are so good. Choose a classic marg or try a new great flavor! Try one of these…

Have on hand plenty of salt-rimmed glasses and limes or fruit to match the margaritas you’ll be serving.

A collage of Cinco de Mayo party ideas including nachos, tacos and drinks .

Cinco de Mayo Decoration Ideas

Keep the decor simple. Many Mexican parties are done outside and use the atmosphere and the outdoors to serve as their decorations. If you need some cheap decorations for your event, hit up the dollar store or Amazon!

They have cheap decorations such as paper goods, serving bowls, and more! I like mixing their red, white, and green tablecloths, cutlery, cups, and balloons to decorate on a budget.

Consider making these DIY Cinco de Mayo Party Decorations:


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Cinco de Mayo Party Music Ideas

Don’t forget the music

Use Spotify or Pandora to find the perfect Spanish music for your party! You can create your own playlist, or you can allow the experts who have already made a playlist to do it for you!

Music is one of the best ways to set the theme for your party, so don’t skip out on this simple step.

This Cinco de Mayo party is one your guests won’t soon forget! With these simple tips, you’ll have everything you need to throw a memorable party for Cinco de Mayo.

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