Festive Thanksgiving Jello Shots

Jazz up your Thanksgiving dinner with these festive Thanksgiving jello shots. They are the best Jello Shot Recipes that will fit in effortlessly with your Thanksgiving party.

When you think of Thanksgiving, do you think of Turkey and pumpkin pie? We all do! It’s a holiday filled with family, mashed potatoes, so much food, and tons of desserts.

Even though it’s not that common to think of jello shots as a Thanksgiving treat, they can certainly fit (especially if you make them non-alcoholic).

a collage of Thanksgiving jello shots

Jello shots are fun for both kids and adults – and the recipes in this list can easily be made without alcohol and still taste delicious.

So, break out of your Thanksgiving boredom and whip up some fun! You’re sure to love the huge variety of flavors of jello shots in this list.

Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Treats

Did you know that jello shots are some of the easiest make-ahead treats? After you boil the gelatin and mix in the alcohol (if you’re using any), you store it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve them.

To save yourself space in the refrigerator, I suggest making the jello shots in a 2-ounce plastic cup with a lid. That way, you can stack them and save space.

Click through to each of the fun Thanksgiving jello shots recipes. They will give you tips so you know when to add the garnish and how to store them.

With a list full of 20 different shot ideas, you’re going to find something that you and your friends and family like!

In fact, send them this link and ask them to make their favorite one. Then you’ll have a variety of different jello shots at Thanksgiving dinner.

What Are Thanksgiving Flavors?

There really isn’t a clear answer, because you’ll find a variety of different flavors at Thanksgiving tables.

Most people associate pumpkins, apples, and cranberries with fall and winter. So, I added those flavors to the list.

I also got a little creative, too. Since a lot of Thanksgiving decor has orange and yellows in it, I included some orange-colored (and flavored) jello shots.

That’s the thing about jello shots. You can be as creative as you want! Serve some jelly donut shots with pumpkin spice latte shots. Everyone will love them!

a collage of jello shots for Thanksgiving

Remember to click through to the recipe to find the ingredients and how to make them.

More Jello Shots To Try

There are an unending amount of ways to make jello shots. Take your favorite cocktail and use it as inspiration.

Here’s the list of the best Thanksgiving Jello Shots to serve at your next party! I know you’ll find some new favorites to try.

Supplies you’ll need

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Thanksgiving Jello Shot Recipes

Get ready to elevate your Thanksgiving gathering with a playful and spirited twist by serving up some delicious Jello shots. These fun and colorful concoctions are a creative way to celebrate the holiday season, adding a touch of whimsy and excitement to your Thanksgiving spread.

Whether you're hosting a family dinner or a festive Friendsgiving, these Jello shot recipes will surely be the talk of the gathering and a memorable addition to your holiday menu.

Don’t forget to pin this list to Pinterest so you can find it later!

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