30 Best Luau Party Foods

This huge list of luau party foods are sweet and savory and look too good to eat! Add them to your list of the best luau party ideas that will have everyone talking.

Everyone loves going to a luau. They always have the best music, food, games, and drinks. There’s just something about reliving the island life that always puts everyone in a good mood.

Thankfully, luaus are super easy to plan and host. The food is usually the most difficult part – but I’ve got that covered.

A collection of images of foods that will inspire you to cook for your luau party!

Whether you need appetizers, side dishes, or desserts, I’ve got it all in this list!

Scroll through the pictures below and then click through to get the recipes. You’ll be able to fill up your luau menu in no time at all.

First, I have some tips that will help you plan the most epic part that everyone talks about.

Best Type of Food For Luaus

If you’re trying to decide which type of food to serve at your luau, answer a few questions.

Where will the luau be held? What time is it going to be? And how fancy or casual will it be?

If you’re going to host the party around a meal time, then plan some luau party foods that will include an entree, side, and some desserts.

And, yes, I’ve got all of those ideas in this list!

But if you’re hosting a casual get-together, then some finger foods will do just fine.

Where you’re hosting the part matters, too. If it’s outside, then you should serve food is easy to eat whether you have tables or not.

A collection of images of foods that will inspire you to cook for your luau party!

But if the party is inside, you can plan more formal foods with plates and utensils.

The food matters, but you should plan the location and time first, and then match the food to them.

Where To Buy Party Supplies

When you plan your party, you’ll need the basics:

You can get all of those things on Amazon. Get them all shipped within a few days, even!

But if you want something more unique, then get something handmade from Etsy. I love supporting small artisans and creators!

In fact, I like to get the party favors from Etsy. There are some really creative ones on there.

A collection of images of foods that will inspire you to cook for your luau party!

Make a list and then buy all of your party supplies at once.

Luau Mojitos

If you’re going to serve cocktails, then serve mojitos. You’ll never go wrong with a classic one- white rum, mint, and club soda. But if you want to add some flair, here are some of my favorite drink recipes.

Click through to those recipes. All of them can be made into mocktails, too!

A collection of images of foods that will inspire you to cook for your luau party!

Are you ready for the list of luau party food? Here you go! Click through to get each recipe.

30 Luau Party Foods

Throw a fun and tasty luau party with these 30 easy-to-make dishes. You'll find a mix of traditional and modern recipes that capture the spirit of the islands. Delight in sweet pineapple desserts, flavorful coconut dishes, and refreshing beverages! Your luau will be a hit with these crowd-pleasing foods that bring a taste of Hawaii to your table!

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