20 Fall Jello Shots

Add flavor and flair to your fall parties with these cozy fall jello shots. No matter what theme or party you’re hosting, these Jello Shot Recipes will be the perfect fit.

Is fall your favorite time of year? There are so many reasons to celebrate! From the cooler weather to the leaves changing color (and all those upcoming holidays), it’s no surprise that so many people love this season.

So, if you’re planning a party, put these jello shots on the menu. Keep reading and I’ll share why they’re the best type of cocktail to make for parties.

A collage image of Jello Shots recipes that you can make and share with your friends this fall!

Even if you aren’t an experienced mixologist, these recipes are perfect for beginners. But they also look (and taste) fancy enough to impress everyone.

In fact, they are so much fun to make that you might want to think of more parties to host just to have an excuse to make them.

You can either scroll right down to the list of recipes, or read through my tips. I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about making Jello Shots.

What Are Jello Shots Made Of?

Each Jello shot recipe will be different, but they all have a few basic things in common.

Most Jello shots are made of a base of gelatin or Jello that’s combined with alcohol. Some of them are topped with whipped cream and some are made in layers.

The colors of the shots can be changed by either using clear gelatin with a whiskey or liquor of a certain color. Or you can use a specific flavor of Jello.

Some of the fall Jello shots in this list are flavored with other ingredients, too. To get the bubbly texture, some of the recipes use soda, like Root Beer.

Adding creative garnishes is where the Jello shots get fancy!

Dust the tops with cinnamon, or add the fruit that’s in the Jello. Use the garnish as a way to show off the flavors that are in the individual cups.

A collage image of Jello Shots recipes that you can make and share with your friends this fall!

All in all, Jello shots are a super-simple cocktail to make for fall parties. I love that they are already individually portioned. And, you don’t have to sit behind a bar for the entire party duration.

Make them ahead of time and give yourself more time to mingle.

What Alcohol Is Best For Jello Shots

Most Jello shots use either vodka or white rum so that the flavor of the Jello can stand out, not the flavor of the liquor.

But as you click through the recipes in this list, you’ll see some creative ideas. Some of them are made with Fireball, others with Pucker Sour Apple Schnapps.

But, yes, a bunch of them are made with some flavor of vodka or rum. That’s the other fun thing about vodka. Since it’s clear, you can alter the flavor without changing the shot’s color.

And yes, you can make these Jello shots without any alcohol at all. Click through to the recipe of each one and it should give you tips about how to make virgin varieties.

And if you are looking for more recipes these Thanksgiving Jello Shots offer some additional fall-themed shot ideas.

A collage image of Jello Shots recipes that you can make and share with your friends this fall!

You’re going to love these fun fall shots! They are bursting with seasonal flavors and look amazing on your party’s drink table.

More Jello Shot Ideas

Fall isn’t the only time to make (and serve) Jello shots. They are perfect for any occasion and any party. In fact, here are even more creative and fun ways to make Jello Shots.

And there are even more than those recipes, too! Use the search bar here on my blog and type in “Jello Shots” to find a bunch of other recipes to try. There is something for every season and occasion.

A collage image of Jello Shots recipes that you can make and share with your friends this fall!

Are you ready to see the list? Here you go! These are the best fall Jello shots. All of them are perfectly seasonal and delicious.

Supplies you’ll need

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20 Fall Jello Shots

Get ready to sip your way through autumn with this list of 20 Fall Jello Shots, where every sip unlocks cozy and warm vibes. Whether it's a pumpkin-based delight or a fruity kick for your festive gathering, there's something for everyone to enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best fall Jello shots. Did you find something new to make? If you enjoyed this list, pin it to Pinterest so you can find it later.

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