The Best Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes For Holiday Cheer

Kick off the holiday season with some epic Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes. They are the perfect way to get into the holiday mood and some of my favorite Creative Thanksgiving Ideas.

It’s amazing what a difference a themed cocktail can make to a party. It can take something that was just a reason to get together and eat good food and turn it into a party everyone remembers.

But what is a Thanksgiving cocktail? And how do you create a themed cocktail around this holiday? Keep reading, because I’ve got a list of fun, tasty, and easy drink recipes just for you!

A collage of Thanksgiving cocktail recipes

I kept them simple and accessible. Nothing on this list uses liquor that is tough to find.

And all of the drinks are tasty, too! You could make everything on this list without even trying it and know everyone will love it.

Christmas Vs Thanksgiving Drinks

It seems like right after Halloween, Christmas music starts to play, trees decorate sidewalks, and Santa Claus is everywhere!

So what exactly sets Thanksgiving drinks apart from Christmas ones? Honestly…not much.

Both drinks might share similar ingredients. Cranberries are a popular ingredient in Thanksgiving recipes, so you’ll see them in Thanksgiving drinks.

I tried to keep the theme of gratitude and togetherness as the main focus of these Thanksgiving cocktail recipes.

Even though you could use some of them at both Christmas and Thanksgiving, all of them fit in perfectly at the November table.

I tend to think of Thanksgiving as the official kick-off of the winter holidays! So you’ll see that reflected in this list of cocktails.

A collage of the best Thanksgiving cocktail recipes

Enjoy these tasty and fun winter drink recipes. They are perfect for any party you host.

Thanksgiving Party Themes

The best way to decide which cocktails to serve is to start out with a party theme.

For Thanksgiving, some of the best party themes are celebrating the harvest, the season’s blessings, and gratitude.

Some of the common foods or ingredients you’ll see at Thanksgiving include pumpkin, caramel, apple, and cinnamon.

And as you pick out cocktails, look for ones made with warm liquors. Think of things like spiked tea, rum, bourbon, and wine.

In fact, mulled wine is a perfect holiday tradition!

For a non-alcoholic drink serve up this Non-Alcoholic Thanksgiving Punch.

A collage of Thanksgiving drink recipes

More Thanksgiving Party Ideas

While the drinks are super important, don’t forget about the other parts of the Thanksgiving party. Here are some of my favorite ideas that you’re sure to use.

  • Make the cutest Thanksgiving desserts with these delicious Turkey Cupcakes.

Now you are ready to host an epic Thanksgiving dinner for your family and friends! You’ve got the party, the crafts, and the desserts!

A collage of 20 Thanksgiving cocktail recipes

Are you ready for the list of Thanksgiving cocktails? Here you go! Browse through and click the pictures to see the recipes.

Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes

Get ready to raise your glass and toast to gratitude with our curated collection of Thanksgiving cocktails. From warm, spiced concoctions to autumn-inspired libations, we've got the perfect drink to complement your festive feast and elevate your celebration.

I hope you enjoyed this list of Thanksgiving cocktail recipes! If you did, then pin this post so you can find it when you need it.

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