20 Outdoor Party Themes For All Your Celebrations

No matter the reason or the occasion these Outdoor Party Themes are perfect for celebrations of all kinds. Find the perfect Fun Summer Cocktails to go with many of these party themes.

Whether you’re planning a fun, spur-of-the-moment cookout or you’re celebrating a huge milestone birthday, having an outdoor party is a fun choice.

Other than the obvious benefit of keeping the mess out of your house, having the party outside also opens up a bunch of fun party themes, too.

A collage of different party ideas you can plan outdoors to make your event the talk of the town!

One of the most difficult parts of planning a party is deciding on the theme. But once you do, the rest just naturally falls into place!

Since I know how exhausting and time-consuming party planning is, I’m saving you a bunch of time by giving you a bunch of themes that work perfectly for outdoor parties.

You can skip down to the list of themes. Or, read through my party planning tips first!

Best Places For Outdoor Parties

Where is the best place to host an outdoor party? That depends on quite a few factors. So, let’s look at the most popular outdoor party locations, and what kind of parties are best to host there.

  • Backyard – this is the perfect spot if you are inviting a small group of people (unless you have a massive yard).
  • Park – There is less freedom with decorating, but it can hold a lot more people and it’s often free.
  • Party Venues – Some venues offer equipment rental and everything else you might need for your party.
  • Lakes or Beaches – These are also better for smaller groups of people.

It’s best to match your outdoor party themes to the location. So, pick the theme first, and then choose where to host it.

If cost is a factor, then consider keeping the guest list smaller and have it at your (or someone’s) house.

A collage of different party ideas you can plan outdoors to make your event the talk of the town!

Even the smallest outdoor parties can have a fun and creative theme!

You just have the pick the perfect one. Then, plan the food, decorations, and invitations all around it.

Where To Buy Party Supplies

Even though each theme will have specific decorations and supplies, there are things that you’ll need for any outdoor party that you host.

For things like paper plates, party cups, and other food supplies, Amazon will be a great place to shop. Get them in bulk and you’ll save a lot of money.

For more personalized decor, check out Etsy. Not only are you supporting small businesses, but you might even get discount codes from the shops.

Check around and price different rental companies for things like chairs and tables. Read the Google reviews and talk to people who have had weddings or other parties.

A collage of different party ideas you can plan outdoors to make your event the talk of the town!

And don’t forget about thrift shops and flea markets! For patriotic parties, you can usually find some really eccentric (and cheap) decor that is priced way lower than Amazon.

More Party Ideas

As you plan your outdoor party, here are some more ideas that you can add to your theme. I have more ideas than this, too! Use the search bar here on my site to find exactly what you need.

When the weather is cooperating, outdoor parties are so much fun! I hope you find a theme that you love so that you can bring your party to life.

A collage of different party ideas you can plan outdoors to make your event the talk of the town!

Are you ready for the list of outdoor party themes? Here you go! Try them all or use your favorite ones.

20 Outdoor Party Themes

Find your party inspiration with our handpicked selection of 20 Outdoor Party Themes! Whether you're dreaming of a rustic woodland wonderland, or craving beachy vibes, our diverse range of themes has something for every outdoor celebration!

I hope you enjoyed this list of outdoor party themes. If you did, then please pin this post to Pinterest so you can find it later.

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