23 Refreshing Graduation Party Cocktails

Shake up some flavor and fun with these original graduation party cocktails. Drinks are important Graduation Party Ideas that you shouldn’t forget.

Drinks are a very important part of any party. They can add to the theme and give everyone something to talk about.

So, what are the best drinks to serve at a graduation party? You found the best list of graduation party cocktails.

A collage image of grad party cocktails you can choose from for your most awaited graduation party.
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In this list, you’ll find colorful, refreshing, and easy cocktails that you can shake up and serve to your guests.

And since graduation parties include all ages, I’ll even include tips that will help you make them virgin, or non-alcoholic drinks.

I’ll also share more tips and my favorite cocktail tools and supplies. So, scroll through and get ready to serve the best drinks at your party.

How To Make Cocktails Non-Alcoholic

Making a virgin version of a drink might be more difficult than just leaving the alcohol out of it.

This is especially true if your drink is made up of mostly alcohol!

So, I have a few tips that will help you make delicious drinks sans spirits.

First, read through all of the ingredients in the graduation party cocktails. If they’re made up of mostly alcohol, you’ll have to find an ingredient substitute.

Fruit juice is the best alcohol substitute for drinks. So, look at the ingredients and try to match the flavors. For example, since the peach mojito is made with light rum, you can substitute the rum with a combination of pineapple juice and coconut cream.

And that leads to my next tip. Look up how the alcohol tastes, then try to replicate that with something else. Rum tastes like coconut and vanilla, so coconut cream with a dash of vanilla is a great substitute.

A collage image of grad party cocktails you can choose from for your most awaited graduation party.

Sometimes, you can also replace alcohol with a flavored soda. This works best if you’re making a bubbly cocktail.

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Cocktail Supplies

You don’t have to have a full bar of supplies to make mixed drinks for a graduation party. But, there are some things that will make your job a lot easier!

First, get a cocktail shaker. You can make all sorts of drinks in no time at all!

If you want to make frozen drinks, then I suggest using a high-powered blender.

I included a lot of mojito recipes in this list, so get a muddler. Even though you can muddle with a spoon and bowl, it’s a lot easier with the right tools.

Finally, don’t forget about the fun cocktail glasses! From martini glasses to round cocktail glasses, there are so many fun ways to serve these drinks.

More Graduation Party Ideas

Now that you know which drinks to serve, here are some more ideas to help you plan unforgettable graduation parties.

From indoor to outdoor, it’s easy to host a fun and memorable grad party!

A collage image of grad party cocktails you can choose from for your most awaited graduation party.

Are you ready for the list of cocktails? Here you go!

Tools you’ll need

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Graduation Party Cocktails

Looking to add a little flair to your graduation party? Shake up some signature cocktails like margaritas, mojitos, or fruity sangrias to keep the celebration spirits high! Pair them with colorful garnishes and fun drink stirrers for an extra festive touch.

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