20 Graduation Party Games

Don’t forget about the games! These fun and creative graduation party games are perfect for parties of all sizes. Add them to your list of Graduation Party Ideas for an amazing party.

There’s nothing wrong with having an open house, come-and-go or BBQ graduation party. After all, this is all about celebrating the hard work of the person graduating!

But if you feel like your party is missing something, then think about adding some fun games! Games are a great way to encourage everyone to hang out and talk to each other.

A collage image of a Glow In The Dark Themed Party for your Graduation Party Games.

Games can also break the ice, encouraging people that don’t know each other to say hi and chat.

I picked out some of the most fun, creative, unique, and affordable games that will work at any graduation party.

Scroll down to see the games and pick out your favorites! Before you get there, I have some tips, must-have party supplies, and even more graduation party ideas.

Game Tips

How do you pick out which games to play at your graduation party? Does a graduation party have to have games?

A collage image of printable graduation party games that you can download for free.

The best way to decide whether to have games or not is to look at where the party is, how many people are coming, and when they will be attending.

If it’s just a pop in and our open house, then you probably don’t need games. If it’s an outdoor party, then you might want some yard games.

And if it’s an indoor party with a set start and end time, these graduation party games can provide something fun for your guests to do.

A collage image of a DIY Giant Jenga set that you can build for your grad party.

So, scroll through this list of games and pick out the ones that will work the best with your party location and size.

Party Game Supplies

What supplies do you need before your party?

Click through to each game and you’ll see which supplies you need. Some of the links will take you directly to the games so you can buy them.

Generally, it’s best to have the following tools and supplies first:

  • Heavyweight Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Plenty of room
  • Plastic Cups
  • Pens and Pencils

Most of the games in this list are printable games that people can fill out at their tables. But I also included some outdoor games too! Pick out the ones you like the most.

A collage image of DIY Four-in-a-Row Yard Game you can build for your grad party game.

The most important thing is to plan for the type of party you’re hosting. There are games in this list for parties of all types.

Graduation Gift Ideas

After you plan all the details for the party, it’s time to think about the gifts! Thankfully, I’ve got lists for those, too.

These lists are full of ideas that are thoughtful, funny, or useful!

A collage image of a DIY Glow-In-The-Dark themed party for your graduation celebration.

Are you ready for the list of graduation party games? Here you go! Click through to your favorite ones.

Graduation Party Games

Looking for some Graduation party games to keep the celebration lively? How about setting up a DIY photo booth with silly props for some hilarious snapshots, or organizing a game of "Guess Who" where guests have to match baby photos with the graduates? These interactive activities are sure to keep everyone entertained and create lasting memories!

If you enjoyed this list of graduation party games, pin it to Pinterest so you can find it later.

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