Family Christmas Eve Box

Include everyone at the same time and create a Family Christmas Eve Box. Not sure what to add to it? Browse this list of the best Christmas Eve Box Ideas.

Christmas Eve boxes are a fantastic and fun tradition! Instead of waiting until Christmas morning to open gifts, everyone can open one gift the night before.

Does your family open Christmas Eve boxes? Whether you’ve done it before and want more ideas or this is your first time hearing about them, keep reading.

A collage of family Christmas Eve box gift. A great Christmas Eve Tradition.

I’ll share the best Christmas Eve box ideas in this simple guide. This is a box that you can give to an entire family – not just one person.

What Is A Family Christmas Eve Box?

A Christmas Eve box is kind of like an Easter Basket or Boo Box. It’s a box filled with smaller gifts and people usually open them on Christmas Eve.

As with all traditions, there isn’t one right way to do it. Make it work for your family. Some people give each member of the family their own Christmas Eve Box.

There’s another way to do it too. You can fill up and create a family Christmas Eve box. This is a box filled with stuff for the entire family.

In this box are things everyone can enjoy. Maybe this is a way to kick off Christmas Eve celebrations or maybe it’s a way for everyone to make memories together.

Or maybe you’re giving this box to someone else as a gift. It’s a fantastic way to give an entire family a gift they can enjoy together.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For All Ages:

I love the idea of a family gift box, but you can make a gift box for everyone in the family individually. I have some great ideas for each age group.

A collage of family Christmas Eve box gift. A great Christmas Eve Tradition.

What To Put In A Family Christmas Eve Box

The best way to fill up a box for a family is to center it around a theme. You’ll find a lot of themed ideas in my list below.

Here are some themes you can follow in your family’s box:

  • Movie Night. Fill up the box with popcorn, snacks, and fuzzy blankets.
  • Cozy Reading. If your family loves to read, fill the box with everyone’s favorite books, cozy blankets, and PJs.
  • Laughter. Fill the box with all sorts of silly things like funny glasses and cheese pajamas.
  • Games: Add some games that you can play together as a family.

It’s really easy to fill up a box for your family. Just think of things you like to do together. Do you like to travel? Fill it with travel must-haves. Do you like baking? Add baking supplies and mixes.

The ideas can just keep going.

Christmas Recipe Ideas:

One of the most fun things to do as you open the box is to enjoy some yummy Christmas food together. Here are a few of my favorite holiday recipes.

Of course, you can also include some of these treats in your holiday box, too!

Are you ready for the gift ideas? Here you go! Browse the list below and click through to find the online shop. Then, just add to cart and check out! Your shopping is almost done!

Family Christmas Eve Box

Creating a family Christmas Eve Box is a heartwarming tradition that brings everyone together. Fill it with items like holiday-themed games, snacks, and cozy blankets to enjoy a fun and festive evening with your loved ones, making beautiful memories to treasure.

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