Adorable Baby Christmas Eve Box

What do you put in a Baby Christmas Eve Box? If that question has you stumped, keep reading! I’ll share my best Christmas Eve Box Ideas below.

When it comes to gifts, babies have to be some of the most difficult to shop for. Should you get them clothes? Do they need toys at this age?

It’s a lot to consider – and this time of year is already stressful enough! That’s why I created this list.

Cute and adorable Christmas Eve Box ideas for babies. This collage includes, Christmas pajamas, Santa hat and plaid baby booties.

I put together a list of the best Christmas Eve box ideas for babies. Just because they are too tiny to open the boxes, doesn’t mean they should be left out of the tradition.

All of the ideas in this list are age-appropriate and the perfect gifts for babies.

All you have to do is browse the ideas below and then click through to the store, add to cart, and check out! Christmas shopping online is so easy!

Start by placing this Christmas Eve Box Printable Label on top of the box. Then add your purchases to the box!

What Is A Christmas Eve Box?

If you don’t know what a Christmas Eve box is, don’t feel bad! It’s a fairly new and recent trend. A Christmas Eve box is a pre-Christmas gift. It’s filled with smaller things (kind of like an Easter basket) and the receiver gets to open it on Christmas Eve.

Most people wake up and open all their gifts on Christmas morning. Well, this box is meant to be opened the night before!

There’s actually quite a bit of debate out there about Christmas Eve boxes. Are they unnecessary? Do they give into the commercialization of Christmas? I’ll leave that up to you because gift-giving is a very personal thing.

If it comes from your heart, that’s what matters!

Cute and adorable Christmas Eve Box ideas for babies. This collage includes Christmas baby toys and cute baby items.

Christmas is all about traditions and making memories together as a family.

And Christmas Eve boxes are some of the most fun ways to make memories together.

When Should You Give A Christmas Eve Box?

While it is obvious that it should be given on Christmas Eve, that’s not actually a hard or fast rule. You can give this box anytime during the holiday season that you want.

Remember, the only rules at Christmas are the ones you make for your family.

Most people open their Christmas Eve boxes after dinner, on Christmas Eve.

The gift usually contains items that can be used that evening on Christmas Eve like Christmas pajamas, Christmas movie, popcorn and hot chocolate (or snowman soup.) Also, Magic Reindeer Food is great to add for kids!

Cute and adorable Christmas Eve Box ideas for babies. This collage includes Christmas baby toys and cute baby items.

Remember, it’s all about you and your schedule. You can open them the morning of Christmas Eve, or save it for when you get home after going to a Christmas Eve church service.

Christmas Cookie Recipes:

Toddlers, kids, and adults all love Christmas cookies! While you’re putting together the Christmas Eve boxes, here are some cookie recipes you can make next.

These are some of the most fun cookies you can make together!

Are you ready for the list? Here you go! These are the best things to put into a Christmas Eve box for babies. Fill it as full as you like – it’s all up to you.

Baby Christmas Eve Box

Crafting a Christmas Eve Box for the little one is a heartwarming tradition. Fill it with cozy pajamas, a holiday-themed bedtime story, and some baby-friendly Christmas treats to create a special and memorable evening to cherish with your little bundle of joy.

I hope you enjoyed this list of Christmas Eve box ideas for a baby. If you did, please Pin it to Pinterest so you can find it later.

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