Reindeer Donuts – Rudolph Donut Holes

Gather a few supplies to make these Rudolph Donut Holes. They make the cutest reindeer donuts! A fun Christmas Rudolph treat for any occasion.

Three Rudolph Donut Holes sitting on a while dish placed on a buffalo plaid napkin.

How To Make Reindeer Donuts

You are going to love this tutorial. This is for anyone that doesn’t have time to make things from scratch but still wants something that looks impressive. In fact, this is so easy to do, that your kids can all make their own reindeer donuts too.

I even have step-by-step pictures showing you how to make these cute little donuts.


Ingredients and supplies to make reindeer donuts.

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Reindeer Donuts Supplies:


Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your own reindeer donuts!

1. Break the pretzels to make them look like little antlers.

Break a mini pretzel in half to make reindeer antlers.

2. Stick a pretzel antler on each side of your donut hole.

The donut holes are placed on the white platter with the pretzel haves ready to be use as the reindeer antlers.

You can have fun with this part! If your pretzels don’t break perfectly, give them different antlers. Make them face different directions.

Glazed donut holes with pretzels for antlers

3. Stick on the candy eyes using the black icing.

Attach the reindeer eyes using black gel tube icing.

4. Draw on a nose using the red icing.

Repeat process for however many Rudolf Reindeer Donuts you’d like to make.

That’s it! It’s such a simple little dessert.

Reindeer Donut Ideas

There are so many fun things you can do with these reindeer donuts. Here are some of my favorite ways to enjoy them!

  • Christmas Breakfast
  • Christmas Party Food
  • Set them out for Santa
  • Add them to Christmas Cookie Gift

Frequently Asked Questions About Reindeer Donuts

These are such an easy edible DIY Christmas craft, but here are some questions people ask. You might have the same question.

Can you use different flavors of donut holes?

Yes, you can use any flavor or type of donut holes that you want. I thought the glazed donut holes looked the most realistic, but it doesn’t matter much. If you use the cinnamon donut holes, it might be messier and more difficult to work with.

How do you store them?

Store them at room temperature, just like you would a donut. The longer you leave them uncovered, the faster they will dry out.

Can I use chocolate-covered pretzels?

Yes, that’s a fantastic idea! If you use chocolate-covered pretzels, they won’t look as “realistic” but they will still be festive and fun.

What can I use instead of candy eyeballs?

If you can’t find any candy eyeballs, you can use icing to draw your own eyeballs. First, add some white icing and let it dry. Then, add a tiny dot of black icing on top. The candy eyeballs are a lot easier to use, but icing works too.

Three Rudolph Donut Holes sitting on a while dish placed on a buffalo plaid napkin.

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