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Magic Reindeer Food Recipe and Printable

Does your family have any Christmas Eve traditions? We do Christmas Eve boxes, filled with festive goodies including this Magic Reindeer Food!

Magic reindeer food is a fun and festive family Christmas tradition. Reindeer food is easy to make and looks so cute with printable reindeer food labels featuring a reindeer poem with instructions.

You’ve never heard of magic reindeer food? Well, it’s an extra-special formula made just for Santa’s reindeer. They absolutely love this treat, and it will guide them right to your house. From there, it’s a hop, skip, and a jump and Santa’s putting gifts under the tree.

Ready to make this special magic reindeer food? Here’s the recipe, plus an extra cute printable label with a reindeer food poem to explain the important process!

Magic Reindeer Food Poem and Printable Bag Topper

This reindeer food recipe is super cute for kids to sprinkle in the yard to guide the reindeer and Santa’s sleigh to their home on Christmas Eve. The poem that goes along with the food and printable label is so sweet!

Magic Reindeer Food Poem

Make a wish and close your eyes tight,

Then sprinkle on your lawn at night.

As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam,

This food will guide them to your home!

Does it really work? Of course! This magic reindeer food is a kid-approved tradition, right along with leaving cookies and milk for the big guy. Santa’s reindeer must get tired, after all, and this sweet treat is the perfect pick-me-up to keep them going through the most important night of the year.

I’ve created a reindeer printable food bag topper to go along with the treat. This printable includes the darling reindeer food poem above and perfectly complements my snowman soup bag topper as well. These will look so adorable in your kids’ Christmas Eve Box!

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Easy (and Bird-Safe) Magic Reindeer Food Recipe

This extra-special reindeer food recipe is easy to make and bird-friendly (in case Santa’s reindeer leave behind crumbs). I’ve seen recipes that use glitter or other inedible items, but it’s best to use animal-safe ingredients to protect wildlife friends. Here’s how to make magic reindeer food.

Reindeer Food Recipe Ingredients:

2 Cups Raw Oats 1 Tablespoon Red Sprinkles 1 Tablespoon Green Sprinkles Bird Seed {optional}You may also add edible glitter used for cake decorating.

How to Make Magic Reindeer Food

Once you’ve assembled the ingredients, shake them all together and divide them into cellophane food bags. You can usually find these bags near the cake and cookie decorating section of your local craft store. You can also find bags online.

Print the cute magic reindeer food printable tags, fold over the top, and staple in place. With only a few steps, you’ve made the perfect addition to your Christmas Eve boxes!

The reindeer food also makes a fun holiday gift for neighbors and a festive souvenir for your local cookie exchange. After all, when you’re making all those cookies for Santa, you’ll want to remember his trusted reindeer too.

Don’t forget Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen (and of course, the most famous reindeer of all—Rudolph)! Reindeer need the occasional magic treat to keep their flying skills sharp!

Add Magic Reindeer Food to Your Christmas Eve Boxes

Add the Snowman Soup and the Reindeer Food to the kid’s Night Before Christmas Box on Christmas Eve!

If this isn’t already a tradition in your family, it’s a great one to start. Many people open one particular present on Christmas Eve as a night-before-Christmas treat. Typical items in the box include pajamas, a stuffed animal, fun holiday socks, a favorite holiday story, and a treat.

Magic reindeer food makes the perfect addition to your Night Before Christmas box! We often enjoy “snowman soup” (a special hot chocolate drink with melty “snowman” marshmallows) and perhaps a cookie or two as we tuck in on Christmas Eve.

As you prepare the plate of cookies and a tall glass of milk for Santa, your kids will love sprinkling their bags of reindeer food in the yard. Have them make a trail so the reindeer will be guided right to your door. By morning, squirrels and birds will have helped clean up any remnants that the reindeer don’t gobble up.

Sprinkling the reindeer food is a tradition that adds charm and wonder to the night before Christmas. Kids love listening for the reindeer and sleigh bells as they drift off to sleep, dreaming of the next morning under the Christmas tree!


Purchase one pdf file and make as many copies as you need!

Purchase one pdf of the magic reindeer food printable bag topper and poem, and you can print as many as you need!

Add the Magic Reindeer Food to your child’s Christmas Eve Box! So fun!

Christmas Eve Box

A Night Before Christmas box is a wonderful Christmas Eve tradition for your family. With these festive reindeer food and snowman soup printables, your Christmas Eve box will be perfect!
Magic Reindeer Food Recipe and printable bag topper.

There’s nothing quite as magical as the night before Christmas. These cute bags of reindeer food will add another element of excitement and wonder to Christmas Eve. The recipe is simple and easy, but the memories of this Christmas activity will last forever.

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  1. Hello,
    Please could you change your list of ingredients to stipulate that parents and carers should use edible glitter only? Normal glitter could be deadly if ingested by birds and small mammals.
    Hope you have a good Christmas.
    Many thanks,

  2. Hi Susan-

    I’m planning on having my 1st graders make this in class. With your recipe above, how many bags does that make?

    Thank you!!

    1. I’m sorry I just saw your question. It probably makes about 3-4 bags – 1/2 cup in each bag. You can always cut the bags shorter at the top and put less in each bag. Hope they have fun with it!

  3. Glitter is not a good ingredient for reindeer food because the birds will eat the glitter and make them sick. Crushed candle cane or colored sugar .

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