Christmas Eve Box Ideas: Everything You Need

It’s almost Christmas! And we’re all looking for Christmas eve box ideas and gifts. So here are a few good Christmas eve boxes ideas for your loved ones to open on Christmas Eve.

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What Is A Christmas Eve Box?

The Christmas Eve Box has gained tremendous popularity over the past couple of years. The idea is to give a pre-Christmas gift or “Christmas Eve Box” to add excitement on Christmas Eve.

While some would say this is an unnecessary gift, it is not meant to be elaborate.

When Should You Give A Christmas Eve Box?

While it is obvious that it should be given on Christmas Eve, it can be given throughout the holiday season.

The perfect time to give the Christmas Eve Box would be when your family is starting to settle in for the night probably after dinner. The gift usually contains items that can be used that evening on Christmas Eve like Christmas pajamas, Christmas movie, popcorn and hot chocolate (or snowman soup.)

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How To Make A Christmas Eve Box?

Christmas Eve Boxes are pretty easy to make. There is no particular kind of box you need to use.

Choose any decorative Christmas Box or use a plan box and wrap it yourself.

Before purchasing a box consider the size box you need based on the Christmas Eve Box fillers you have purchased – make sure everything will fit!

Consider placing this Christmas Eve Box Printable Label on top of the box. It says “open on December 24th” and is super cute to add to any Christmas box!

What To Fill A Christmas Eve Box With?

That all depends on who is receiving the gift box. Below is a list of great Christmas Box filler ideas…

The Best Christmas Eve Box Ideas for kids. Lots of fun ideas for kids of all ages!

Christmas Eve Boxes For Teens they will love participating in this fun family tradition!

20 Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Adults These are great for single adults or couples!

Christmas Eve Box With Printable Christmas Bundle A great collection of Christmas printables including printables to use in the Christmas Eve Box.

Magic Reindeer Food – great to add into the Christmas Eve Box for the kids to sprinkle on the lawn so Santa’s reindeer can find their way on Christmas Eve.

Snowman Soup – a fun hot chocolate gift…add with a cute Christmas mug in the box.

A man and women sitting on the couch laughing holding a Christmas Eve box gift.

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