25 Graduation Party Menu Ideas

This is what you should make for the party! These easy graduation party menu ideas will feed everyone (and still have leftovers). Add them to your list of Graduation Party Ideas.

Do you get stuck when it comes to thinking about what kind of food to serve at parties? I get it! It can be overwhelming. From BBQ food ideas to grad party finger foods – what do you choose?

That’s why I put together this huge list. Now, all you have to do is scroll through the party food ideas and pick out your favorite ones!

A collage image of food recipes that you can prepare for your guests at your graduation party.
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Planning a graduation party is exhausting. You’ve got the invitations, the location to set up, the decorations, and then you have to figure out all the food.

Whether you want to do a potluck, cater it, or make it all yourself, this is just one more choice in a huge line of decisions.

If you’re running into decision fatigue, keep reading. This post is for you! I put together a huge list of the best graduation party menu items. Browse through them and then click through to your favorite ones.

Type Of Food To Serve At Parties

The best way to narrow down what to serve at a party is to decide the theme and location. Will this be a sit-down dinner? Will it be a casual open house? Or will it be an outdoor picnic/BBQ?

The easiest choice will be to serve finger foods. That way, guests can serve themselves. It’s less work for you and saves on dishes, too!

Charcuterie boards are a really impressive and fun way to display finger food.

Finger food with dips is another one of the best graduation party menu ideas. Everyone loves dips!

Food on a stick – whether that’s skewers or toothpicks – let your guests help themselves.

A collage image of food recipes that you can prepare for your guests at your graduation party.

And don’t forget about the desserts. Every party needs the sweet treats, too.

I included a bunch of graduation-themed desserts in this list, too.

Party Food Supplies

The supplies you need will depend on the food that you choose to make.

That’s why I suggest clicking through to each recipe or idea. The individual recipes will have a list of tools and supplies that you need.

Generally, there are some party food supplies that you’ll need, no matter what you make.

First, you need a huge cutting board, a food serving tray, or a tiered tray. Basically, you need things to set the food on.

A collage image of food recipes that you can prepare for your guests at your graduation party.

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Next, consider what people will use to serve themselves. Tongs, toothpicks, or large spoons.

Finally, you’ll need grad party plates so guests have something to place the food on. That’s the basic list of food supplies that you really need the most.

More Graduation Party Ideas

Now that you have a list of party food ideas, here are even more graduation party ideas for you.

These ideas will help you plan an epic party for your graduation!

A collage image of food recipes that you can prepare for your guests at your graduation party.

Are you ready for the list of food ideas? Here you go! Add your favorites to your graduation party menu.

Graduation Party Menu Items

Celebrate your graduate's big day with our healthy and delicious Graduation Party Menu Items! From fresh veggie platters to lean protein dishes and whole grain sides, each item is designed to cater to the tastes of all your guests while maintaining a wholesome approach.

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