21 Free Graduation Printables

Save money and print your graduation supplies! These free graduation printables include some of the best Graduation Party Ideas. From invitations and decor to cards, everything you need is here.

Do you want to create a party that doesn’t look like everyone else’s? Or maybe you just don’t want to deal with traffic or shipping issues.

No matter why you’re looking for printables, you’ve come to the right place! I have a fantastic selection of creative graduation printables that you can make in your office.

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graduation centerpiece free printable

This is a super busy time of year. And sometimes, things like cards and gift tags get forgotten.

Thankfully, you found this list, so all you need to do is pick out your favorites and hit print!

Scroll through the ideas below. Click through to the ones that you need the most! I’ll even share some printing tips and links to my must-have printing supplies.

Printing At Home Tips

Sure, you can just use regular white paper and your default printer settings, but I have some tips that will help you get the most out of these printables.

First, always use thick, heavy-weight cardstock. It doesn’t matter if you’re printing a greeting card, cupcake topper, or candy bar wrapper party favors.

No matter what you print, you don’t want it to fall apart or feel flimsy.

Next, you might consider printing your free graduation printables at a print shop, like Staples, Office Max, or a local shop.

Some of the printables in this list use a lot of black or colored ink. And when you consider the price of ink, it might save you money to print them somewhere else.

Use cutting tools. This is my final tip, but it’s also one of my most-used tips. Some of the printables in this list are either round or special shapes (like graduation caps).

Save yourself the stress and use cutting tools that do it for you.

Collage image of Graduation Printables that you can download for free.

Creative graduation printables are a bunch of fun!

And with these tips, they will turn out perfectly, every single time.

Printable Supplies

What supplies (other than a color printer) will you need? That depends on which printables you’re using.

Click through to each idea and the tutorial will outline exactly what supplies you need.

Generally, there are some supplies that you’ll use for almost any kind of printables. This is what I suggest:

This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.

Of course, if you’re printing bottle labels or photo booth supplies, you’ll need the water bottles and photo backdrops to go with them.

Collage image of Graduation Printables that you can download for free.

That’s why I suggest clicking through each tutorial or idea to find that list of supplies.

More Graduation Party Ideas

Now that you have a bunch of printables, here are even more graduation party ideas for you.

These ideas will help you plan the best party, no matter who it’s for or where you have it.

Collage image of Graduation Printables that you can download for free.

Are you ready for the list of free graduation printables? Here you go!

Free Graduation Printables

Looking for budget-friendly decorations? Check out these free graduation printables available online. They're an easy way to add festive flair to your party without breaking the bank.

If you enjoyed this list of free graduation printables, then please remember to pin it to Pinterest! That way you can find it later.

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