25 Graduation Party Finger Foods

These are the tastiest, easiest, and most creative graduation party finger foods you’ll ever make. Finger food is one of the best Graduation Party Ideas you’ll have!

Unless you’re going to serve a sit-down dinner, finger food is the perfect thing to serve at a graduation party. People can serve themselves and you don’t have to provide a bunch of cutlery.

Plus, finger foods are just so much fun to eat. And that’s what I was going for in this list. I found the most fun and creative finger food that everyone will love.

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So, whether you’re creating a casual charcuterie board or party pinwheels, you’ll find a bunch of simple recipes in this list.

Scroll through this list, click through to your favorites, and start to make your party’s menu. There’s something for everyone here.

Finger Foods Are Always Appropriate

Are you having an indoor party? Maybe you’re hosting an outdoor party. Or maybe you are going to plan a graduation BBQ.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter where you’re having the party because finger foods are perfect for all of them! Stuffed peppers are perfect for BBQs and fruit-filled charcuterie boards work better inside.

Scroll through this list of tasty finger foods and think about the theme or location of your party. It’s best not to keep super-sweet food outside (it might attract bees or insects).

Grilled, fried, or baked foods are perfectly fine to serve at a backyard party.

And if you’re going to transport the food to another location for the party, then something like chicken wings might make your life easier.

A collage pin image of graduation party finger foods. Great graduation party appetizers.

Honestly, all of the finger foods in this list will fit in with any type of party that you’re hosting in any place.

Tips For Making Finger Food

When you pick out the finger food that you want to make, click through to the recipe. Each one should have specific tips that will help you avoid common mistakes.

Before you get there, I have some tips that are good to know, no matter what you’re making.

Use similar ingredients in multiple recipes. You’ll save a lot of money if you can buy the meat in bulk. Try to pick out recipes with similar ingredients.

Save time by making them ahead. Some recipes are easier to make ahead than others, so read through the recipe before you try this.

Think about how the guests will pick them up. These are finger foods, but how sticky or saucy is the food you’re making? You might need to provide toothpicks and extra napkins.

A collage pin image of graduation party finger foods. Great high school graduation party foods.

And I can’t stress this enough – don’t just jump to the recipe card. There is a lot of helpful information in the blog post that might answer any questions you have before you make them.

Graduation Party Ideas

You’ll have to plan a lot more than just the food. As you start planning, here are some of my favorite tips for graduation parties.

No matter when you’re throwing the party, I’ve got ideas that will make the process so much easier.

Are you ready for the list? Here you go! These are the best graduation party finger foods you can make.

Graduation Party Finger Foods

If you found a few ideas in this list that you want to find again, then save the post to Pinterest.

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