Cinco De Mayo Desserts

Any party would not be complete without a decadent and sweet dessert! These Cinco de Mayo Desserts are just what you need for your fun and festive celebration. Included a few of these desserts as you gather your Cinco de Mayo ideas!

With classic Mexican desserts like arroz con leche, churros with dessert dipping sauce, chocolate conchas and so many more, you might have to try them all! You will probably end up with a new favorite Cinco de Mayo dessert recipe to make every year!

Cinco de Mayo desserts are a popular way to celebrate this festive day. There are many different recipes and variations of Cinco de Mayo sweets that you can make at home or buy from your local bakeries and grocery stores.

Collage of Cinco de Mayo desserts to make for a Cinco de Mayo party celebration!

Whether you are hosting a Cinco de Mayo lunch or having a few friends over for a Cinco de Mayo happy hour, friends will rave about these Mexican desserts!

If you like to make your own desserts you will find a nice selection of Cinco de Mayo dessert recipes below.

What are some popular Cinco de Mayo desserts?

When we think of Mexican desserts it’s often recipes with lime and margarita flavors. Also, churros seem to be popular on Cinco de Mayo menus. But there are many more!

Consider trying some of these lesser known Cinco de Mayo dessert recipes:

  • Margarita Bark Tequila Bark
  • Arroz con Leche (or Mexican Rice Pudding)
  • Tres Leches Cake
  • Raspados Mexicanos
  • Chocolate Conchas
  • Mexican Flan Recipe
  • Carlota de Limon (Vegan Lime Icebox Cake)
Collage of Cinco de Mayo desserts to make for a Cinco de Mayo party celebration!

The great part of trying new dessert recipes is that there are other great flavors you can try. Like chocolate tres leches cake or even the orange spice cake! I have to say…I would love a piece of the key lime margarita pie!

Once you have decided to make one or two of these Mexican desserts, make sure you have the proper baking tools and supplies. I highly recommend using good-quality bake pans.


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Cinco de Mayo Menu Ideas

It’s always a good idea to serve some other foods before dessert when hosting a party. Here are some great recipes to complete your Cinco de Mayo menu.

Cinco de Mayo Appetizers

Kick off the party with one or two of these Cinco de Mayo appetizer recipes!

Consider making these authentic Mexican dessert recipes for other occasions – perfect to serve on Taco Tuesday or a Mexican fiesta party!

Cinco De Mayo Desserts

Select from a great selection of Mexican dessert recipes. Some are more common than others but they all make great Cinco de Mayo desserts for a celebration!

I hope your Cinco de Mayo party is sweet!

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  1. Thanks for sharing so many ideas. Although Cinco de Mayo is passed, I think it is still useful to throw a Mexican party somedays.

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