25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Make their heart flutter with one of these DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts! They are easy, fun, and one of the best Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas you’ll ever have.

When you really want to tell someone how much you care, making something homemade speaks volumes! And if you’re a parent, making a homemade gift with your kids is both a fun way to make memories together and create some gifts that other family and friends will love too.

But you don’t have to spend hours trying to create something completely original. It means just as much when you follow a craft tutorial as when you create the gift from your imagination.

A collage of DIY Valentine's Day Gifts or Galentine's day gifts for your loved ones.

So, whether you want to make a homemade Valentine’s Day gift for your best friend, love of your life, or you’re trying to help your kids create homemade gifts for their friends, this list has it all!

Valentine’s Day Treats Make Great Gifts:

Types Of Homemade Gifts

Roses and chocolates are pretty common Valentine’s Day gifts. But if you want to break out of the ordinary and make something creative, then check out this list.

Sometimes, you just have to think outside of printable cards (although, those can be a lot of fun, too!).


Here are a few ideas of the types of gifts you’ll find on this list:

  • DIY beauty gifts
  • Home Decor
  • Photo gifts
  • Printable Valentines
  • Paper Crafts

As you scroll through the list, think about who you’re giving them too. What do they like? If they are a romantic or sentimental person, make something that uses photos of the two of you together!

Non-Food Valentine’s Day Gifts

There’s certainly nothing wrong with some tasty cookies or chocolate on Valentine’s Day! But when you’re in the mood to do some arts and crafts, the ideas in this list are perfect.

In fact, you can customize crafts and make them extra unique and personalized in ways you can’t with food or treats.

The best way to customize non-food gifts is to use photographs! This is a wonderful way to celebrate the memories you’ve shared together.

DIY Tools

As you click through to the individual tutorials, they will have a list of all the tools and supplies you need.

Here are some all-purpose craft tools that you’ll use on pretty much every DIY Valentine’s Gift on this list.

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A collage of DIY Valentine's Day Gifts or Galentine's day gifts for your loved ones.

Who To Give Valentine’s Day Gifts To

Of course, you should give your partner or spouse a DIY Valentine’s Day gift. But beyond that, think of everyone else you care for.

This is the perfect holiday to use as a way to show your appreciation! Give your child’s teacher a gift, leave some out for the delivery drivers, and give some to your parents and kids.

There is no such thing as spreading too much love!

Easy Valentine’s Day Treats

Desserts and treats are such a fun part of Valentine’s Day! So, if you’re looking for some tasty Valentine’s Day treats, I’ve got ya covered. From individual desserts to snacks that will feed a crowd, you’ll find something you love in this list.


DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Show your love with one of these creative and heartfelt DIY Valentine's Day gifts. This list has something for everyone, from the handyman to the foodie. So whether you're looking for a last-minute gift or something to put a little extra effort into, we've got you covered.

I hope you are now feeling in the mood to get creative and make the ones you love a homemade gift for Valentine’s Day!

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