The Best 15 Outdoor Yard Games For Your Next Party

Summertime is all about the outdoor parties! These are the best and most entertaining outdoor yard games your backyard needs before summer is over.

Ideas for large yard party games


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The Best Outdoor Yard Games

One of my favorite things about summertime is the long, warm, nights. I just love getting together with family and friends and celebrating life. All the laughter, the food, the memories  – it’s what summer is all about.

If you love outdoor parties as much as I do, you should try one of these. They are giant-sized versions of classic games. Not only are they fun to play, but they photograph really well too!

1. Tumbling Timbers

Tumbling Timbers
Jenga goes giant with this yard game. Stackable up to 5 feet high, this is a larger than life version of a family favorite that will bring a ton of fun to your lawn!

2. Giant Yard Pong

Giant Yard Pong
If you know the fine game of beer pong, your eyes will get as big as saucers at the sight of this game! With buckets and balls that are perfectly proportioned for any larger than life gathering, this game will be the life of any party, beer optional!

3. Cornhole

Cornhole is fun for all ages and it requires a little skill. Adding a set of boards and bags will lead to a lot of family time and friendly competitions!

4. Giant Dice Set

Giant Dice Set
At over 3 feet, this dice set will make a big impression. The set includes a dry-erase scoreboard and a canvas storage bag as well as 6 giant dice.

5. Flickin’ Chicken

Flickin’ Chicken
This game is zany, requires some physical activity and encourages creativity. Toss a target and start tossing rubber chickens. Who knows what, besides a lot of laughs, could happen?

6. Giant Connect Four

Giant Connect 4
Connect 4 in a huge size is perfect for family time in the backyard or an incredibly unique form of entertainment at a backyard barbeque.

7. Lawn Bowling

Lawn Bowling
Bowling is a classic game that everyone loves. Taking the fun outdoors is even better because you can avoid the funky shoe rental experience. This durable set includes 2 balls, 10 pins and a convenient mesh bag to store it all in.

8. Kickball

Supersized Kickball
Is it possible to outgrow kickball? I don’t think so. Especially not when you have an enormous ball to kick around! This makes for a comical twist to a timeless game that everyone will love.

9. Capture The Flag

Night Time Capture the Flag
Take capture the flag to a challenging new level with this widely popular nighttime version. It’s great for kids and adults both.

10. Bean Bag Bucket Toss

Bean Bag Bucket Toss
This three-tier bucket toss game makes fun just a throw away. It is compact enough for smaller spaces but brings a lot of fun to any backyard!

11. Large Dominoes

Giant Dominoes
This colorful set of wooden dominoes is perfect for any backyard gathering. It is bound to draw your family and friends into a few games and is ideal for a variety of ages.

12. Yardzee

If you like Yahtzee, then yards is going to be a must-have! This set is especially great because you can personalize it. This would be a fun entertainment option for a family reunion or a graduation party!

13. Chess

Lifesize Chess
This life-size chess set is so beautiful it will become a permanent part of your yard decor. With a 25″ king, this set begs to be played by anyone who sees it.

14. Garden Checkers

Garden Checkers
For under $80 you can add this giant classic game to your lawn to the delight of kids, and kids at heart. The checkers are 4″ wide, so keeping them in check is simple.

15. Tic Tac Toe

Giant Tic Tac Toe

Finally, everyone enjoys the classic tic tac toe game. Well, this version is bigger and better than ever! It uses wooden stakes and string for the board and wooden tiles for the Xs and Os. If your party is rained out, this set can also be used indoors too.

Make Your Party Memorable

I hope you found something on this list that will elevate your outdoor party! It’s so much more fun when you have friends that brag about your party afterward. Just add some music and yummy food and you have all you need for the best summer party ever.

These outdoor yard games will make fantastic conversation pieces and help with the overall theme and party decor too. Pick one or use many of them and set up stations. The choice is up to you.

More Party Ideas

Party planning can be a ton of fun. Here are some more of my favorite tips and ideas.




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