Simple Graduation Centerpieces With Free Printable

When you make simple graduation centerpieces you can share and reuse them over again. Making centerpieces is one of the best Graduation Party Ideas you’ll have, saving you time and money.

When it comes to DIY ideas, keeping it simple is always the right idea. You can whip up a room full of centerpieces in no time at all!

These floral centerpieces are filled with free printable signs. They’re perfect for 2024 graduates, whether they’re boys or girls.

pin image of a graduation party centerpiece with a printable "class of 2024" on a skewer in a vase of flowers.
optin graduation party checklist image to receive the free pdf download.

Keep reading and I’ll share some tips and variations. I used fresh flowers, but you can use silk ones, for example.

I hope this tutorial – and the free printable – sparks your creativity.

It’s a fun way to decorate for a graduation party, even if you’re super busy with everything else in life.

Best Flowers For Centerpieces

The flowers are the one area that gives you the most creative freedom. For simple graduation centerpieces, use the same color of flowers.

Don’t overthink it. First, decide what your highest priority is. If it’s saving money, then buy silk flowers in bulk.

If you prefer fresh flowers, then choose budget-friendly blooms like carnations.

Next, decide the types of flowers you’ll use. Did the high school or college have a specific symbolic flower? Use it!

If not, think about using your state’s flower. If your graduate is moving to another state, then use that state’s flower.

a graduation party centerpiece with a printable "class of 2024" on a skewer in a vase of flowers.

Finally, add variety to the bouquet. Mix up the shapes and textures with different varieties.

In my example, I used ivory and cream flowers to offset the blue in the printable signs. Copy my example and save yourself time.

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Where To Buy Supplies

In my centerpiece, I used the following supplies:

I used fresh flowers, so I filled the mason jar with water. If you’re going to use silk flowers, fill the mason jars with marbles or stones.

Be creative with the type of ribbons you use, too. For a rustic look, use twine. Match the alma matter’s colors. Or use your graduate’s favorite colors and prints.

You’ll find all of these supplies on Amazon or at your favorite craft store.

You could even shop on Etsy to buy personalized mason jars or vases. (I love supporting small businesses this way!).

a graduation party centerpiece with a printable "class of 2024" on a skewer in a vase of flowers.

No matter what, make this centerpiece fit in with all the other graduation party decor you use.

Get The Free Printable

The best part about this centerpiece is that the graduation signs are free!

Get the free graduation centerpiece signs here.

More Graduation Ideas

After you make the simple graduation centerpieces, you’ll have time to figure out the food. Here are some of my favorite recipes and ideas:

After you figure out the food and centerpieces, the party is pretty much planned!

graduation centerpiece free printable

If you enjoyed this easy idea, then please pin it to Pinterest. That way, you can find it next year when you need it!

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