The Best Graduation Table Decorations

From classy to casual, these Graduation Table Decorations span the entire spectrum of design aesthetics. Once you decide on the table centerpieces, you can move on to other Graduation Party Ideas next.

Deciding what to put on your tables can be so confusing. Should you use party favors as centerpieces? Should it be dressy? How can I use photos?

At the end of the day, what really matters is celebrating the accomplishment of the person that’s graduating. And how you do that is completely up to you!

A pin collage of graduation table decorations.
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That’s why this list has so much variety. I wanted to give something for everybody – whether you want a glamorous party or a relaxed backyard BBQ.

So, browse through these ideas and pick out the ones that stick out the most to you.

From personalized photo decor to DIY party favors and some with glitter and lights – you’ll find something that matches your theme and personality.

How To Decorate Tables For A Party

Before you choose the graduation party centerpieces, you need to decide on an overall theme.

The theme is what will drive the other decisions. In fact, it makes the decisions easier to make. If it doesn’t match the theme, you don’t even have to consider it.

And the theme doesn’t have to be super complicated, either. It just needs to help all your ideas tie together.

So, will the party be casual, or dressy? Will it be modern or country-chic? Will it be glamorous or relaxed?

Once you have the theme, you can pick out the centerpieces. In the list below, you’ll find glitzy lights and DIY photo boxes.

There really is something for everyone and every taste in this list of graduation table decorations.

A pin collage of graduation table decorations.

Can you mix and match? Sure! I’m suggesting sticking to a theme because it cuts out a lot of decision-making. But if you don’t mind having a lot of options, leave the theme open-ended.

How To Incorporate Photos At A Graduation Party

Since the graduation party is all about celebrating the graduate, you’ll probably want to incorporate photos of them within the decor.

You have a few different ways to do this. If it’s a dressier party, then I suggest setting up a television with a slideshow of photos. That keeps all the pictures on the slideshow, giving you more room to decorate on the tables.

Other people like to create an entire board about the graduate and display it on the cake table. This is another fantastic way to keep all the photos in one place.

Finally, there’s another option that’s really popular, too. Add photos everywhere. Make the graduate the theme of the party!

A pin collage of graduation table decorations.

When you make photos the theme, you can add them on as part of the centerpieces and as the main decoration on the dessert table.

More Graduation Party Ideas

Whether you’re hosting a college or high school graduation party, these food ideas are perfect! From appetizers to buffet foods, this is what you need in order to plan the perfect party.

Remember, the best thing you can do is to keep it simple! Don’t stress yourself out trying to plan an epic party!

Are you ready to browse the list of graduation table decorations? Here you go! Click through to your favorites to learn more about them.

Graduation Table Decorations

Planning a graduation party? Don't forget about the decorations! Spruce up your tables with festive centerpieces, colorful balloons, and themed accents to create a celebratory atmosphere that your graduates will love.

Please pin this post so you can find it later! And don’t forget to share it with your friends so they can host a stress-free party for graduation too!

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