Best Graduation Yard Signs You Can Buy

Decorate your yard with one of these high-quality and fun graduation yard signs! They are perfect for parties or drive by graduations. For more great party decorations visit the Graduation Party Ideas: The Ultimate Guide!

Both high school and college graduations are such an exciting time! After all that studying and hard work, graduates earned a huge party.

Whether you are wanting to direct partygoers to your house, mark the location of a graduation parade, or just want to world to know how proud you are, these signs are perfect.

A collage of graduation party signs displayed in the front of homes.

Graduation Party Checklist

You need this checklist before you even set the date for the graduation party. It will keep you organized and on time so you don’t forget a single thing.

On this checklist, you’ll find a list of things to do 4 months before the party and up to the day of the party.

Take the stress of making the to-do list out of your brain and just print this out! It’s free, so download it today.

optin graduation party checklist image to receive the free pdf download.

The Best Graduation Yard Signs

Scroll through this list and pick out your favorite graduation yard signs. You’ll find everything from patio signs to graduation porch banners. I personally chose all the best ones so you know you’ll be happy when they arrive!

Graduation Yard Sign Tips

Follow these yard decorating tips when you are preparing for your next graduation party. If you have any questions about signs or outdoor decorations, please leave it in the comments!

Plan For The Weather

Try not to order signs until you know what the weather is going to be like. Some signs will not withstand rain or wind and you don’t want your money to get wasted.

Vinyl banners are weatherproof and might be a better option than paper signs if you live in a place where it rains frequently.

Check The Return And Shipping Policy

Mistakes happen, but you don’t want a mistake to happen so close to the party that you are left without signs.

Check the shipping times and make sure that you have plenty of wiggle room to send it back and receive a replacement before the party.

Edit Drafts Before Submitting

Double and triple-check the spelling on the signs before you click “purchase.” It is so much easier to spend time editing than it is to receive an incorrect sign in the mail.

Less Is More

Even though you are super proud of your student, remember that one or two signs might be all that you need. If you display porch banners and yard signs, it might look like too much. Choose your favorite ones and go with them.

Use Balloons And Foil

One of the best ways to enhance yard decorations is with balloons and foil streamers. They are festive without being over the top.

Displaying balloons with your child’s school colors will help tie the signs and decorations together perfectly.

Match Yard Signs To Interior Decorations

Lots of the yard signs on this list are customizable, so you can change the font and accent colors. Choose designs that mirror the decorations you use inside the house. This will create a seamless and professional look – even on a budget!

There you go! This is everything you need to know to decorate your yard for graduation! Buy some graduation yard signs and have fun decorating your patio, porch, or deck.

More Graduation Party Ideas:

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Graduation Yard Signs

Celebrate your graduate with one or more of these graduation yard signs! Find a great selection of graduation signs for differents all types of yards.

Graduation Party Signs on Amazon
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