Super Easy Graduation Diploma Dessert Ideas

The best part of graduation is getting that diploma! Make these easy Diploma Dessert Ideas along with more Graduation Party Ideas to celebrate your graduate!

If you’re struggling to decide on a theme for your graduation party, then what about just settling on diplomas, caps, and gowns as the theme?

You can choose to incorporate your school’s colors, or keep it black and white. Then, you just have to decorate and make desserts around this easy theme!

A pin image collage of graduation diploma desserts. Including graduation cookie diplomas.
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I’m all about keeping things as simple as possible. And all of these diploma desserts are so easy that beginners can make them.

Browse this list of easy graduation desserts and pick out your favorites.

Then, all you have to do is plan out the food and the decorations!

Graduation Dessert Ideas

What are the best kind of desserts to serve at a graduation party? If you’re going to make or serve a graduation cake, then you only need to serve smaller, finger food desserts.

Think about things that your guests can pick up and serve themselves. You will be busy greeting people and talking to them. You don’t want to be stuck behind the dessert table cutting pies.

That’s why almost all of the diploma dessert ideas in this list are simple graduation finger foods.

From cookies and pretzel sticks to cupcakes and churros, there is something for everyone!

These make great college diploma desserts too.

Click through to the individual recipe for each idea. They have their own recipe card and instructions.

There are so many ideas that you don’t have to Google or search Pinterest for graduation party desserts.

This list has everything that you need.

Plus great graduation candy buffet signs!

Graduation Diploma Dessert Supplies

What are the kitchen tools and gadgets you will need before you make graduation diploma desserts?

It depends on which desserts you’re going to make. Click through to see each recipe. They will list out the supplies you’ll need.

Generally speaking though, almost all desserts will require you to have at least a serving tray, decorative ribbons, and some individual party plates.

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Some of the desserts on this list use string candy – like Twizzlers – as the diploma’s ribbon.

A pin image collage of graduation diploma desserts. Including graduation pretzel rod diplomas.

Either way, you’ll definitely need a decorative serving tray to display your desserts on and serve them to your guests.

Graduation Party Ideas

You’ll have to plan a lot more than just the desserts. As you start planning, here are some of my favorite tips for graduation parties.

No matter when you’re throwing the party, I’ve got ideas that will make the process so much easier.

Are you ready for the list? Here you go! These are the best diploma graduation desserts to serve at a graduation party.

Diploma Dessert Ideas

Celebrate the graduate's achievement with diploma dessert ideas, such as rolled-up cakes or cookies tied with ribbon to resemble diplomas. These creative treats add a sweet touch to the festivities and make for a memorable way to honor the graduate's success!

Diploma Appetizer Recipes

If you are interested a savory diploma-shaped food, check out these diploma appetizers below.

Did you enjoy this list of diploma dessert ideas? Pin this post to Pinterest so you can find it if you ever throw another graduation party.

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