Fun Graduation Party Printables to Celebrate Your Favorite Grad!

It’s graduation season—time to party! Graduation parties are a fun, festive, exciting way to celebrate achievement and send your grad out into the real world. To throw a perfect get-together, you’ll need food, decorations, and, of course, some great graduation party printables! Find it all in the Ultimate Graduation Party Guide: Everything you need!

Even though it has been a few years since my daughter graduated from high school, I still remember having so much fun planning her graduation party! I did spend months working on her graduation party, but I was so happy with how everything turned out.

It was all about the little touches—cute cupcake toppers, fun graduation banners, grad party signs, balloons, and, of course, lots of yummy foods and beverages.

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I would have loved to have these Printable Graduation Signs and other Graduation Party Printables for her party, but honestly, I didn’t think about it then.


These GRADUATION PARTY DECORATING PRINTABLES come in many school colors and are a cost-effective way to decorate your grad party!

A collage of graduation party printable decorations in several school color combinations.

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Getting the Details Right for the Perfect Graduation Party

There are so many details to remember as you plan a graduation party. I found that it’s easiest to choose a graduation party theme and shape your décor to complement the theme. For my daughter’s graduation, I went with a daisy theme…just perfect and a little girly.

Even better, her school colors fit right into the color scheme too! While you don’t have to plan a graduation party around the school themes (like a mascot or school colors), it’s also a helpful way to really narrow down your plan.

After deciding on a graduation party theme (and maybe that is just going with the school colors), check out all these colorful graduation party decorations. I love the round party pinwheels behind the dessert table or hanging from the roof of a tent. So cute for a graduation celebration!

If you’re looking for more grad celebration details and ideas, check out these awesome Graduation party ideas and printables. There are some great ideas, especially if you are just getting started.

These graduation party printable decorations come in many school colors. Create the ultimate graduation party using these graduation party printables to decorate the party! Includes a grad banner, signs, table centerpieces, candy bar signs and more!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you haven’t planned a party for a while. A high school graduation party means lots of teenagers and teenage-sized appetites. So, make sure you have plenty of delicious graduation food and party treats available. You may want to go with finger foods, simple snacks, or pizza. Of course—don’t forget the sweets!

Speaking of desserts…here are 30 Graduation Party Desserts. These are WOW desserts perfect for any graduation celebration! Some of these elegant ideas are perfect for college graduations as well (and others would be fun for younger kids’ parties too). Be sure to check them out for plenty of graduation party food ideas.

If you need some help organizing and planning a graduation party, be sure to download this graduation party checklist. It will help you get a handle on the little details that will make your graduation celebration truly special. Now on to the grad party signs!

Top Off Your Soiree with the Perfect Graduation Party Printables

No graduation party is complete without the perfect graduation party printables. You need a great printable graduation party sign to welcome guests and tie the party together.

I designed this cute, easy printable graduation sign that’s got just a little sass, a little retro, and a little flair worthy of any graduate. This sign, “The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle”, is a free printable graduation party sign.

This free graduation party printable sign has a little bit of sass to add to the party vibe.

Display these cute graduation party printables all around the party site. Put a few graduation signs up on the photo board, hang one behind the gift table, or display several on easels alongside the desserts. These cute printable graduation party signs are perfect to display anywhere at the party.

Download this FREE “The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle” Graduation Sign by joining my email list. You will have full access to this printable as well as my complete Private Printable Library!

Compliment the Party with More Graduation Printables for Your Photobooth!

Of course, a printable graduation party sign is key to tying your party décor together, but why not add a few more matching signs throughout the party too?

If you are in need of a few more printable graduation signs to take your party over the top, I created these adorable matching printable graduation party signs as well. As I was coming up with ideas, I did some research on fun graduation party ideas. Every single graduation party featured a photo booth!

A photo booth seems like the perfect way to offer graduation party attendees a way to get wild, celebrate, and make memories. Your party-goers will love playing around in front of the camera and it’s totally simple to set up a photo booth at a party.

Of course, your photo booth must have the perfect printable graduation photo booth sign, so I designed this adorable Prop Stop & Pose sign. This will let guests know exactly what they should do to join in the festive fun at your graduation get-together.

Grab a few graduation photo booth props, set up a festive backdrop of balloons or streamers, and display the Prop Stop & Pose Sign! Guests will have a fantastic time posing and hamming it up! You may want to buy some colorful hats, boas, and wigs in school colors to add to the graduation-themed photo booth props.

The other sign you need with your graduation party printables is this custom graduation hashtag sign!


With social media and everyone sharing EVERYTHING these days, a custom hashtag is a perfect way to capture the memories of your graduation party. Simply create a custom hashtag (like #tomsgraduation2022 or #suzyqclassof22) and share it with guests. Use plenty of signage so guests know what tag to use when they put up their snaps on Instagram. When the party is over, you can see all the moments family and friends captured at the party by searching for your custom hashtag.

If you have a photo booth, it’s a great place to display the hashtag sign. Guests can immediately check out all the fun (and be inspired to add more photos and memories to commemorate the special day).

If you’re planning a graduation party, don’t stress! It’s easier than you may think. Simply offer some food, music, and a fun graduation party photobooth to keep guests busy. Remember, it’s all about celebrating your graduate and helping him or her feel special about their big accomplishment (that tassel WAS worth all the hassle after all)!

With these free, custom graduation party printables, you’ll have a memorable get-together that everyone will love.

Congratulations to your graduate and best of luck on the next steps of their big journey!

Ultimate Graduation Party Guide: Everything you need!

A colorful print banner with Graduation Party Guide text to plan the perfect graduation party!


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