2024 Graduation Party Supplies

This list of graduation party supplies is everything you need to host the most epic graduation party of the year! Scroll down and click on your favorite items. If you need more grad party help check out the Graduation Party Ideas: The Ultimate Guide!

A collage of the best graduation party supplies to throw and epic graduation party!

Congratulations! After all the hard work, graduation is a time to celebrate the closing of one chapter and the beginning of another. Don’t let the thought of throwing a party stress you out, it should be a happy time!

I took all the planning and scheduling out of your hands and created a super-easy checklist. On this list, each task is organized by deadlines. By the time the day of the party happens, 99% of the party is already planned and executed.

This is a free printable graduation party checklist. Download it, print it out, and start preparing for the party. It’s so much easier with this list.

optin graduation party checklist image to receive the free pdf download.

Essential Graduation Party Supplies

What do you need to have in order to throw a fantastic graduation party? It’s all here on this list. Scroll down and click through to your favorite supplies. Now all you have to do is click “add to cart!”

It’s all here – from decor and balloons to paper plates and serving trays. Literally, everything you need for your graduation party is right in this list.

You can personalize them too! So check them out and buy your favorite ones!

Graduation Party Tips

As you plan for the party, here are some of my best tips. If you follow them, you will be super prepared and ready for the big day!

Plan For Parking

If you are going to be expecting a really large group of people all at the same time, then let your neighbors know. You might even want to communicate with your guests and encourage them to carpool or stagger the arrival and departure times so that you don’t make the street impassable.

Allow Your Graduate To Help Plan

Even though you are incredibly proud of them and want the entire world to know it, ask your graduate what kind of party they want. If they don’t want to be overwhelmed with people they barely know, keep it to just their friends.

You can always set up a separate party for you and your friends later. They earned this and they should enjoy this day!

Stick To A Budget

A fantastic graduation party doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Ask friends to help bake cupcakes, DIY the centerpieces, and determine what you are willing to splurge on.

There are a lot of ways to throw a memorable party and still stick to your financial limits. One of my best tips is to co-host a party with someone else. Then, all the expenses can be split 50/50.

Stick To A Theme

All of the graduation party supplies on this list can be customized to fit your theme. When you set a theme, it’s easier to make buying decisions too. This is how you will decide which announcements to mail out and how to decorate your house.

Don’t Do It Alone

People love to be invited to help with parties. Delegate jobs to your closest friends and family members. Ask some people to help you DIY the centerpieces and someone else to be in charge of the desserts.

When you all work together, the job is so much easier.

Above all, this day is about your graduating senior. Try to keep the stress to a minimum and just relish the beauty and happiness of their accomplishments!

Graduation Party Supplies

Add the finishing touches to your graduation party with some of these grad party supplies!

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