How Much Money To Give For A Graduation Gift

The other day a friend of mine contacted me about How Much Money To Give For A Graduation Gift. The whole family is attending her son’s friend’s sister’s graduation party. Yes, one of those – she probably has never met the graduate. So what to give?

With so many graduation parties popping up this time of year it is often so hard to know how much to give the graduate. Use these easy tips to know just How Much Money To Give For A Graduation Gift | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

Having been on the graduation circuit for a few years now, this was my advice.

First, consider your relationship with the graduate or the family and then determine the proper amount of money to give. There were graduates who I may not have know well, but if we had a close relationship with the parents I still gave a higher amount of money. You will also want to consider your budget and how many other graduation gifts you will be giving throughout the graduation season.

This chart is a practical way to approach the decision on how much to give for a graduation gift.

Acquaintance $10 – $25 | Friends $25 – $50 | Close Friends and Family $75 – $100

If kids {peers} are invited to parties, without their families, it may not be necessary to bring any gift or a $10 gift would be acceptable.

TIP: When my daughter graduated a few years ago, I had her create a list of names including and the amount of money given to her so she could write her thank you notes. I held on to that list so when our friend’s children graduate I know how much I should give to their children. One tends to forget over time. Hold on to the list!

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  1. Everyone likes different graduation gifts.I don’t think that the most important thing is how much this graduation necklace cost or how much is the cost of that senior shirt. The most important is to know well the person who is going to graduate high school or college and to choose the best gift for her/him.

  2. How much money should we give our two grandsons for their 5th grade graduation? I purchased funny t-shirts for their quarantine graduations (one is in London,UK and the other one in America) but would like to do something creative with money

    1. Hi Elizabeth, I think that is really a personal decision…kids do like to receive money! Maybe $50? If you search the internet for creative money graduation gifts you should find some creative ways to make the money into a memorable gift!

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