Valentine’s Day Mocktails

Make some party-ready drinks without the alcohol. Valentine’s Day Mocktails are fun and tasty (and you can have as much as you want!) Add them to your list of Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas. Make this holiday unforgettable!

There are a ton of reasons that you might want to make mocktails instead of cocktails. Maybe you want to create some alcohol-free drinks for adults that don’t drink. Or maybe you want to serve some fun drinks to kids.

Or maybe you just don’t like alcohol.

No matter what your reason is, these mocktails are tasty, fun, and the perfect things for your Valentine’s Day party!

A collage of Valentine's Day mocktails - pretty mocktails for Valentine's Day

As you scroll down through the list of gorgeous and fun mocktails, you’ll notice one thing in common. They are all pink or red!

These fun party drinks will look absolutely perfect among your pink and white Valentine’s Day party decorations.

There are drinks in this list that you can serve at brunch, serve to kids, or make for yourself as a party for one.

Popular Types Of Mocktails

What are your favorite types of cocktails? There are easy ways to turn them into mocktails!

Sometimes it’s as easy as just leaving out the alcohol. Other times it’s as easy as using other ingredients instead of alcohol.

Here are just a few different kinds of mocktails you’ll find in this list:

  • Fruit Juice
  • Slushies
  • Punch
  • Lemonade
  • Milkshake
  • Smoothies
  • Spritzers

Remember, it’s all about presentation! You can make anything look like a fancy drink if you serve it in a fun pitcher and use decorative glasses.

Use this as an excuse to go shopping and buy some fun party drinkware.

You’ll love it!

Mocktail Tip: Always Garnish

In addition to using the best pitcher and glasses, don’t forget to garnish your drinks!

This will mean the difference between a boring slushie and a fun mocktail.

So, if you make something with mixed berries, add some fresh berries on top. A slice of lime on the rim is another fun way to garnish your drinks.

These recipes in this list have some stunning pictures, so follow their lead and decorate your drinks.

A collage of Valentine's Day mocktails - pretty mocktails for Valentine's Day

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Helpful Kitchen Tools

It’s impossible to create a list of all the tools you’ll need to make every single mocktail in this list. I suggest you click through to each recipe. They will have the exact kitchen tools and supplies you’ll need.

There are a few different kitchen tools that you’ll use for almost every drink recipe you make. I recommend having at least these tools before you begin:

Fun Valentine’s Day Treats

You’ll definitely want to make these mocktails with some sweet treats! Here are a few of my favorite desserts to make to celebrate the day of love:

Are you ready for the list? Here you go! These are the best, fun and stunning Valentine’s Day mocktails! Pick out your favorites and make them this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Mocktails

Start your Valentine's Day party off with the perfect Valentine's Day Mocktail Drinks for everyone! Focus on these fruity and festive pink, red, white, and more drinks you can make in no time!

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