27 Pretty Valentine’s Day Desserts

Chocolate, cherries, and raspberries – oh my! These Valentine’s Day Desserts are the perfect Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas for you to take to a party or share at home.

Valentine’s Day really is one of the sweetest holidays around! It’s a time to laugh together and celebrate the love you share.

But it’s not just to celebrate romantic love; it’s about kindness and love for everyone! Parents and kids, siblings, best friends, everyone can take advantage of this holiday as a time to remind someone how much you love and appreciate them.

And that’s exactly what these desserts do. Find a few of your favorites and spend a day baking together! Or, bake something, wrap it up, and give it as a gift to someone you love.

A collage of Valentine's Day desserts including cookies, cakes and pink popcorn.

Is baking your love language?

Do you have a sweet tooth?

Either way, these tasty treats are a wonderful way to express how much you love someone!

All of them are perfectly themed around the holiday of love.

Red Desserts For Valentine’s Day

There’s no denying it, red is the color of love! From red hearts to red velvet cake, this color is literally everywhere.

Scroll down and you’ll see plenty of cute Valentine’s Day recipes with the color red. It’s really easy to find red ingredients to use, too! Just grab a box of red velvet cake mix, some red and white sprinkles and some red food coloring. You’re all set!

Remember that if you want to give these desserts as a gift, you need to package them up beautifully.

All you need is a cute red or Valentine’s Day-themed decorative box. Or, go even cheaper and line a wicker basket with some red napkins.

It’s really easy to decorate and give desserts as DIY homemade gifts on Valentine’s Day.

I also included plenty fo desserts that you can share with your kids or let your kids take to their school for a Valentine’s Day party.

More Valentine’s Day Treats:

A collage of Valentine's Day desserts including cookies, red velvet cakes and and cookie cakes!

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Essential Baking Tools

Click through to each dessert and the blog will have a list of tools you’ll need for that recipe.

There are still some essential baking supplies that you’ll need, no matter what you whip up.

These are the baking tools and supplies that I use most.

How To Choose The Best Valentine’s Day Desserts To Make

As you scroll through this list of Valentine’s Day special desserts, don’t feel overwhelmed by all the choices.

Instead, think about how much time you have and what kinds of desserts you are used to making. Pick out something that you’re confident you can make!

It’s all about how much love you put into something. So don’t pick out something that will stress you out. There are plenty of really easy desserts in this list.

Best Drinks To Serve With Valentine’s Day Desserts

Since there is so much to celebrate about Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to mix up your favorite cocktails with these desserts.

Strawberries are by far the most popular fruit to add to Valentin’s Day drinks. But there are so many other flavors you can use too!

These drinks will taste absolutely delicious with any of the fun desserts on my list:

Check out this list of bubbly and fun Valentine’s Day drinks and find a new favorite.

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Valentine's Day Desserts

Show your love with one of these amazing and delicious Valentine's Day desserts. From chocolate to strawberries, we've got you covered. These recipes are sure to please even the most discerning palate. So get in the kitchen and show your loved one how much you care!

A collage of Valentine's Day desserts including cookies, cakes and heart shaped cherry pie pops!.

More Valentine’s Day Treats:

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