25 Classic and Affordable Disney Costume Ideas On Amazon

My kids are obsessed with Disney. Every year a new Disney movie comes out, and that becomes the inspiration for our next Halloween costume! I’ve put together a list of 25 Disney Costume Ideas you can buy right on Amazon! Find more Halloween Costume Ideas for you and the family!

For all those other Disney loving families out there, you can easily put together great costumes for your kids without rushing off to the Halloween stores or the mall.

What movies do your kids watch over and over again? I think my daughter watched 101 Dalmatians for three months straight many years ago. I know the kiddos get stuck on a movie and the characters and want to be just like them.

Even as an adult I love Disney. There are plenty of size options to choose from for both teens and adults…you’re never too old to be a princess or Olaf!  If you are searching for couples costumes for Halloween you can find some original ideas right here! And 20 Disney Halloween Costumes For Adults!

Look for more Halloween fun here along with Halloween craft ideas, Desserts and Costume Ideas!

Plan The Perfect Party With This Halloween Party Planner!

Before we get to the Disney costumes, click below to download the super-helpful Halloween party planner. All your to-do lists and ideas are in one easy place!

Anyone that’s planning a Halloween party needs this list.

Seriously, this thing has it ALL! Don’t worry about what you should be planning. This bundle has all of your shopping lists, party food ideas, to-do lists, and even Halloween party games – all in one place.

Pages of the Halloween party planner printable sheets!

How To Find The Best Disney Costumes On Amazong

The easiest way to find the best Disney costumes on Amazon is to use this list! Find your favorites, click through to see them, and then add to cart. Easy!

Even so, I have a few tips that will help you avoid buyer’s remorse.

Always Read Size Charts

When shopping online, don’t rely on the size to tell you how big (or small) the costume is. Read the size chart, and measure your kiddos. It seems like every company uses a different sizing system.

Read The Reviews

Some costumes are cheaply made or they arrive broken. These are things people share in the reviews. Read the reviews before you purchase them.

Remember Carseats

There are some seriously cute Disney costumes out there, but they also make it really difficult to use a car seat or seatbelt. If a costume is too fluffy or it comes with an awkward tail, skip it.

Buy Pajamas

There are tons of onesie costumes out there – use them! Kids will be dressed up, warm, and super comfy! And you can’t beat that combination.

So without further ado, let’s get shopping!

Don’t forget to tell me which of these Disney Costume Ideas is your favorite!

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Disney Costume Ideas

If you're looking for the best Disney Halloween costumes for kids, look no further! There's such a wide selection of officially licensed costumes that are sure to please. Shop now and get your child ready for a spook-tacular holiday!

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