25 Luau Party Drinks to Complete Your Celebration

Do you need ideas for the perfect Luau Party Drinks for your summer celebration? The right drink can transform your party, making it more enjoyable and fun! 

From classic cocktail blends, jello shots, infused water recipes, and smoothies, I got you all covered because I’ve gathered 25 refreshing and fun drinks that will bring a tropical vibe to your party. 

I find that a refreshing drink is a must for summer parties—these are always a hit at my parties and they definitely improve everyone’s vibe! I think a lot of people will agree with me here!

So, if you need more ideas, I also have this list for inspiration for more summer party drinks

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And of course, aside from gathering luau drink ideas, I’ll also help you in making it extra by sharing some Creative Ice Cube Ideas and how to Match Your Drinks with Complimentary Meals. 

Let’s now start with fun ice cube ideas!

Creative Ice Cube Ideas for Luau Drinks 

Putting effort into your ice cubes isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s a fun and unique way to impress your guests! 

Creative ice cubes can make your drinks not only refreshing but also visually appealing.

Could Never Go Wrong with Fruits!

Of course, first on the list are fruit-infused ice cubes! You can never go wrong with these. Freeze small pieces of tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, and kiwi in your ice cubes for a burst of flavor and color. 

Tip: Match the chosen fruit to the drink where you’ll use it for the best results.

Flowers Perfect for Summer Parties!

Edible flowers frozen into ice cubes add a beautiful and exotic touch to your drinks. This is extra matchy for tropical vibes!

Can you imagine how beautiful these flower-infused ice cubes will look in your tropical drinks? Such a vibe!

Or you can top off your cocktails with edible flowers as a garnish.

Tip: For safety, always ensure the flowers are edible and pesticide-free before freezing them. I strongly suggest going to stores and brands that you 100% trust! 

Have Fun with Different Shapes!

Another easy and fun way to make your ice cubes more creative is by using different shapes. Ice cube trays come in many shapes, from pineapples to seashells. 

Tip: Combine this idea with the fruit or flower tip. A seashell ice tray filled with pieces of strawberry or edible flowers like violets would be so nice!

These creative ice cubes will make your Luau party drinks stand out!

Now, let’s take your luau to the next level by pairing these drinks with complimentary meals.

Match your Drinks with Complimentary Meals  

Of course, a Luau party is not complete with just drinks; a complimentary meal and appetizers are a must! Pairing your drinks with the right dishes will enhance the experience for your guests. 

Photo collage of various drinks with the text "25 Luau Party Drinks". The collage includes a photo of two glasses of pink drink on a white plate, an orange drink in a glass with an umbrella, and two glasses filled with liquor and garnished with cherries and ice.

Here are some ideas to match your Luau party drinks with complimentary meals:

  • Kalua Pork Sliders with Pineapple Salsa: Enjoy tender, smoky kalua pork served on slider buns with a side of refreshing pineapple salsa. This dish combines savory flavors with a tropical twist.
  • Poke Bowl Bar: Create a DIY poke bowl station with fresh ahi tuna or salmon, sticky rice, and toppings like avocado, seaweed salad, cucumber, and sesame seeds. Guests can customize their bowls! 
  • Luau Charcuterie Board: Arrange a charcuterie board with a Hawaiian twist, featuring sliced teriyaki beef jerky, macadamia nuts, tropical fruits like mango and pineapple, and a selection of cheeses and crackers. 
  • Haupia Dessert Cups: End the meal with haupia, a traditional Hawaiian coconut pudding, served in individual dessert cups. This creamy and coconut treat is a perfectly sweet ending to your Luau party.

As your Luau party plans come together with these drinks, creative ice cubes, and delicious meal pairings, let’s explore more party ideas to improve your party! (continue scrolling for our drink list!)

More Party Ideas for Luau 

Do you need more ideas for your luau party? Check out some of these party idea blogs I made! 

Photo collage of various drinks with the text "25 Luau Party Drinks". The collage includes a photo of strawberry banana smoothie in a mason jar, a drink with a pineapple garnish and an umbrella, and two mason jars filled with a fruity drink.

Hope you like these party ideas! Next up, check out these  25 Luau Party Drinks —don’t miss out on these refreshing and festive drinks!

Supplies you’ll need

This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.

25 Luau Drinks

Enjoy this 25 luau drinks that will satisfy your tropical thirst, taking you to the sun-kissed shores of Hawaii. These refreshing beverages are perfect for your next luau party, making you feel like you’re by the ocean with every sip!

For more tropical inspiration and ideas for your Luau party, save this pin or drop a comment below with your thoughts! 

Let’s make your celebration unforgettable with these 25 Luau Party Drinks and tips for creative ice cubes and meal pairings. Cheers to a fantastic summer gathering!

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