Green Halloween Cocktails

Amp up the spooky factor with some fun green Halloween cocktails; they fit perfectly with other Creative Halloween Ideas you use in your Halloween party.

The color green can be used in so many different ways during Halloween. It’s so versatile!

Whether you want to recreate Frankenstein’s monster, make slimy goop, or create drinks that look like poison, this color works! It’s eerie, bright, and really grabs your attention.

20 Green Halloween Cocktails
free printable Halloween party checklist

If you’re going to host a party, then you have to make some themed cocktails.

That’s why I made this list! These party-ready cocktails are popular and make everyone laugh.

Plus, you can make them alcohol-free for those that need it.

How To Make Halloween Cocktails

How do you make drinks for Halloween? What types of drinks are best for Halloween?

Browse this list and click through to the recipes for each drink. The recipe for each drink is just one click away.

When you want to make green Halloween cocktails, you need to consider the theme of the party.

Then, make drinks that mirror or match your theme!

To get that vibrant green color, you might need food coloring, so click through to the recipe to see what you need to buy.

20 Green Halloween Cocktails

Then, don’t forget to buy a themed glass. Serving them in fun glasses matches them to your theme so much better.

And fill your table with Halloween decorations, too! Add some fake skulls, spiders, and a spell book to the table for some extra spooky fun.

How To Make Non-Alcoholic Halloween Cocktails

Most of the time, you can replace the alcohol with water, carbonated water or Sprite.

Almost all of the recipes in this list have ideas for how to make virgin versions of the drink. Click through to see how to change each drink.

Where Can I Buy Halloween Cocktail Glasses?

Speaking of themed cups and glasses, where is the best place to buy skull-shaped glasses? Or martini glasses?

Amazon is my favorite place to buy all my Halloween party supplies. Every recipe I shared in this list will suggest a specific cup or glass to use for your drinks.

You can either follow the suggestions or get creative and buy whatever glasses you like.

A collage of Green Halloween Cocktails

Skull-shaped cups are the one type of cup that you can use for pretty much any type of cocktail or drink. They are perfect!

More Halloween Ideas

As you plan your Halloween party, here are some more ideas that you’ll love too! Use them at your party for a fun time.

I have so many more Creative Halloween ideas too – just browse through them all and pick out your favorites!

A collage of Green Halloween Cocktails

Here are some of the most spooky and fun green Halloween cocktails that you can make. Have fun and make your favorites!

Green Halloween Cocktail Recipe

Whether you're hosting a ghoulish gathering or simply indulging in some supernatural sips, these bewitching libations are sure to cast a spell on your taste buds.

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