Printable Halloween Costume Awards

If you’re planning a Halloween party, then you need these Printable Halloween Costume Awards. Snap pics with the winners and make some memories together.

Every Halloween party needs a costume competition. Sure, dressing up is fun, but it’s even more fun to walk away with an award for the funniest costume or even the overall best one of the night!

So, if you’re hosting and throwing a Halloween bash, grab and print these Halloween costume awards.

A girl dressed in a witch costume holding a Best Costume award!

Not only will they bring your party to the next level, but all you have to do is print them and announce the competition!

Then, watch as everyone shows up in their weirdest, spookiest, and best-matching costumes.

10-Page Halloween Costumes Awards Include:

– Best Costume
– Best Couples Costume
– Best Family Costume
– Best Group Costume
– Best Homemade Costume
– Scariest Costume
– Weirdest Costume
– Funniest Costume
– Cutest Costume
– Prettiest Costume

A collage of printable Halloween costume awards.

Keep reading and I’ll share how to print them and some fun ways to host a memorable costume competition.

Set Up A Backdrop

After they win the award, your friends might want to show off the awards! So, I suggest setting up a photo backdrop at your party. This can be as simple as hanging up a Halloween tablecloth or buying a Halloween selfie backdrop that matches your theme.

They also sell Halloween photo props that will make the pics even more fun!

Costume Contest Ideas

If you’re in a time crunch, it’s totally fine to print out these awards on your home printer and hand them out last minute.

But if you have time to plan, here are some ways to take your costume contest to the next level.

  • Laminate The Awards
  • Frame The Awards
  • Make a Party Hashtag (then everyone can post to social media and find each other’s pics and videos)
  • Make a Reel or TikTok of the winners
  • Make a winner’s collage. Take a photo of all of the winners with their awards, make a collage, and print it. This is another fantastic party favor.

Since these awards are so bold and use so much ink, you will need a high-quality photo printer.

If you prefer you can print stuff at Office Depot, Staples, or a local print shop to save time and money.

A man dressed as a vampire and a women dressed in a witch Halloween costumes. At the bottom of the photo is a collage of printable Halloween costume awards.

In order to make the awards more substantial, remember to print them on heavy-duty cardstock.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Now that you have some awards to hand out, how will you dress up?

Or create your own! Just think of your favorite theme, movie, or book characters and go from there.

A group of kids dressed in Halloween costumes with Printable Halloween costume awards.
free printable Halloween party checklist

Costume Awards For Home Parties

Since this costume awards printable pack includes so many different types of awards, you can use them for any type of party that you’re hosting.

Pick and choose which awards to hand out. You don’t have to use them all. For example, if you’re hosting a party for kids, you might not want to use the “scariest costume” award.

Basically, have fun with your party and costume contest! Take lots of pictures and videos – this is going to be a night to remember.

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