Adorable Newborn Halloween Costumes

When your sweet baby is too small for most costumes, browse these Newborn Halloween Costumes for some fresh and fun Creative Halloween Costumes.

If you’re lucky enough to have a newborn around Halloween, we’ve got some super adorable costumes for them. The hardest part will be choosing which one to buy.

All of the costumes in this list will have everyone stopping to say how sweet and cute your baby looks!

Adorable Newborn Halloween Costumes

You will never forget your baby’s first Halloween, especially when they are this tiny.

So, check out these newborn Halloween costumes and pick out the ones that make you smile! You may also like these Halloween Costumes For Babies.

How To Pick The Perfect Newborn Halloween Costume

Before we get to the list of ideas, here are some tips that will help before you buy the costume.

Family Costumes

Are you and your husband going to dress up with a theme this year? If so, that will make your baby’s costume easier to choose. I have some family costume ideas in this list too, if you need some inspiration.

Dress For The Weather

There are a lot of different baby costumes that use blankets and warm pajamas as part of the costume. Think ahead and use them if you will be outside and it’s going to be cold.

If you’re going to be inside, then maybe dress your baby in a costume that comes in layers. Choose one that looks good when the baby is warm or when you make them more comfortable with fewer layers.

Think of Comfort

It’s also essential to keep your teeny baby as comfortable as possible. Avoid felt or itchy polyester costumes.

Instead, go for soft cotton costumes that are just as comfortable as the clothes they wear all the time.

Adorable Newborn Halloween Costumes

There are plenty of newborn costumes in this list that use pajamas as the base so that your baby can sleep in them.

Boy Or Girl Newborn Halloween Costumes

Almost all of the newborn costumes on my list are gender-neutral. They aren’t really boy or girl costumes, they are just baby costumes.

In fact, the only really gender-specific costume in the list is the Disney Princess one.

Other than that, they are cute animals, bugs, a few jobs (like a pilot) and even an ear of corn.

The best thing about using gender-neutral costumes is that you can buy them before you know what sex the baby will be when it’s born. So, if you’re keeping that a surprise, get one of these costumes.

Another benefit of using non-gendered costumes is that you can pass them to family, friends, or your next baby – whether they are boys or girls!

Adorable Newborn Halloween Costumes

There are so many cute ideas in this list that the hardest part will be choosing which one to buy.

More Halloween Costume Ideas

I have tons of Halloween costume ideas for you to browse. Whether you want scary costumes or couples costumes, I have those ideas and more!

Halloween can be as fun as you make it! So, get creative and have a blast!

Here’s the full list of the most adorable newborn Halloween costumes you have ever seen! Browse the list and click through to see (and buy) your favorites!

Newborn Halloween Costumes

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