The Best Graduation Candy Buffet Ideas

Do you need some Graduation Candy Buffet Ideas? You can’t go wrong with a buffet full of sweets! The perfect snacking option for your graduate’s big day! Visit the Ultimate Graduation Party Guide: Everything You Need!

Candy buffets are a pretty easy concept to set up, but they can also be a great DIY favor option or a way to use up some of your leftover candy!

While the candy might not be what you’re after, how to present them or the containers to put them in can make your candy buffet go from okay to fabulous!

Graduation party candy buffet ideas including printable candy bar signs, graduation party candy favor bags and graduation cap candy.

You can do so many great things with a candy buffet, so if you’re looking for ideas, you’re in the right place.

Here are the best candy buffet ideas for your graduation party or any party if you want.

graduation centerpiece free printable

These graduation party printable decorations are fun to use including these great Candy Bar Buffet Signs. Create the ultimate graduation party using these graduation party printables to decorate the party!

Includes a grad banner, signs, table centerpieces, candy bar signs and more! These printables are perfect for creating an awesome DIY graduation look!

A collage of graduation party printable decorations in several school color combinations.

Graduation Candy Buffet Sayings

It’s fun to be creative with the signs, especially if you like to be punny and sometimes corny! These Graduation Candy Bar Signs are easy to print and fold for the perfect sweets display!

Some fun creative candy buffet sayings to put on your signs could include:

  • Honor rolls
  • So long suckers!
  • Counting beans
  • Smartie pants
  • Smart cookies
  • Book worms
  • Student loans
  • You’re no Dum Dum

And more! All that you then have to do is pair the candy with the sign – and that’s it!

You can even have a blast and add some of your own sayings and signs – whatever inspires you is fair game!

Graduation party candy buffet ideas including printable candy bar signs, fun candy bar jars and graduation cookies.

Candy Buffet Ideas

While signs are the perfect way to label the candy, don’t forget that you can have fun with colors, displays, and more!

Line the tables with graduate table decor, and don’t forget the streamers! A fun way to tie in the buffet look is to add the color of the schools that they’re graduating from!

Candy Buffet Supplies

While it’s no secret that a candy buffet needs candy, you’ll also want to add a few other supplies.

Luckily I’ve gathered them up for you and put them all in one place!

Candy Buffet Ideas For Graduation Party

Get the party started with candy buffet ideas for your graduation celebration from Oh My! Creative. We've got all the fun, quirky, and approachable ideas you need to make your graduation party a hit! Don't forget to share the sweet memories with friends--get creative with your candy buffet today!

How to Set up a Candy Bar

Printing the signs is simple, and all that’s left is to add the finishing touches.

Here are some fun candy ideas that you can pair with the signs to complete the look and taste!

Smart Cookies – Any cookies that you want to share!

Book worms – Gummy worms and sour worms are sure to be a hit!

So long suckers – Blow pops of all flavors are a must!

Counting beans – Jelly beans are fun and delicious, especially the ones that are different flavors.

Graduation party candy buffet ideas including printable candy bar signs.

You’re no dum dum – Dum Dum suckers, please!

Reach for the stars – Any type of sweets and treats that are star-shaped are perfect!

Smartie pants – Grab those smarties to share!

Nerds – Regular nerds, nerd ropes, and more!

Honor rolls – Tootsie rolls would be perfect for this one!

Class rings – You’re never too old to have fun with Ring Pops.

Student loans – Get those chocolate candy bars that look like wrapped money! Or add some chocolate-covered gold coins to a bowl.

O-fish-ally graduating – Swedish redfish are the perfect treat for this one!

Graduation party candy buffet ideas including printable candy bar signs, graduation party candy favor bags and graduation cap candy.

As you can see, there are so many delicious candy options that you can pair with these signs.

Once you print and have your bowls ready, all that’s left is to fill them with sweet treats!

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