Bachelorette Jello Shots

Get ready for a night you’ll never forget! These bachelorette jello shots don’t just taste amazing, they are all dressed up for the party, too! They are fancy, fun, and some of the Best Jello Shot Recipes you can serve your besties.

Bachelorette parties are some of the happiest and most carefree things, because you’re celebrating love! And what’s better than that?

Whether you’re planning to get super crazy or keep things low-key, these party jello shots are perfect!

A collage of bachelorette party jello shots

Not only are the really tasty, but they look like fun and they are really easy to whip up, too!

Jello shots are the best things to serve at bachelorette parties because you can make a bunch of them and keep them in the fridge. Then, you have plenty of shots to last all night long!

Best Flavors For Jello Shots

The fantastic thing about jello shots is that if you can think of a flavor, you can turn it into a jello shot.

The best flavors will be whatever combinations you already love. If you like fruity cocktails, make an orange and blue jello shot. If you love the flavor of bubblegum or candy, make pink Starburst jello shots!

The sky is the limit!

Jello Shot Tools

What tools or supplies do you need in order to make bachelorette jello shots?

Some recipes will use different tools, like fondant or frosting piping bags. But most flavors or types of jello shots use the same kind of supplies.

Click through to each recipe to see which tools they need. In general, these are the basic jello shot supplies you’ll need before you begin.

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Supplies you’ll need

This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.

It’s basically as easy as boiling the gelatin, adding the ingredients, pouring into the cups, and letting it set.

That’s why I love jello shots so much, especially for bachelorette parties!

How Long To Store Jello Shots

Another reason I love making jello shots for bachelorette parties is because you can make a huge batch of them and keep them in the fridge!

Then, you’ll have more time to plan the decorations, games, and other craziness. Your brain can relax, knowing the shots are already prepared.

If you want to make these jello shots ahead of time, store them in the refrigerator for up to two days. Of course, store them before you garnish them.

Either cover the jello shots with plastic wrap or use the lids that came with the cups. This will keep the air off of them, which helps them taste fresh the day you serve them and prevent them from drying out.

a collage of 20 bachelorette jello shots

Add the sprinkles, frosting, and other garnishes right before the party starts. That’s the easy part!

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Are you ready for the list of tasty and fun bachelorette jello shots? Here you go! Click through to get the recipe for each one, and have a blast making them!

Bachelorette Jello Shots

Looking to add some extra fun and flair to your bachelorette party? These dazzling and boozy jello shots are the perfect way to kick off a night or weekend celebration with the bride-to-be and her closest friends. From fruity flavors to girly creations, these jello shots will be the start of creating unforgettable memories. So grab your girls, raise a shot, and get ready to toast to love, laughter, and friendship.

I hope you enjoyed this list! Please remember to pin this post to Pinterest so you can find it later!

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