How To Dispose Of Batteries

Earth Day is the perfect time to start recycling something you don’t really think about recycling…batteries! Here are some ideas on How To Dispose Of Batteries for {Earth Day} And Every Day! 

I never really thought about recycling batteries before, but once I did a little research, I realized its importance and how easy it can be. I now keep a container in my pantry where I store my batteries.

Whenever I need to change out batteries, I simply toss them in the container. When it’s full I take the container to a local battery store for disposal. There are links at the bottom of this post for disposal options.

Hearing aid batteries are also recyclable. My son has worn hearing aids for 19 years and I never thought much about throwing them in the trash. They can be recycled along with other single-use batteries…I toss them in my container every time I change them out!

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How To Dispose Of Batteries

Batteries contain metals that include mercury, lead, cadmium and nickel. If batteries are not recycled, these metals can pollute the environment.

Automotive batteries contain lead and acid. Batteries that are disposed of in landfills can leach into the soil, contaminating groundwater supplies. Most suppliers of automotive batteries are authorized as a battery collection sites as well.

Other options for battery recycling…

Check with your local municipality for battery recycling options.

Search out a special collection day of hazardous household items in your area.

Large electronic retailers may also have battery recycling options.

The company Battery Solutions make it easy to mail in dry cell batteries for recycling.

And The Big Green Box is an international program that offers companies, consumers, municipalities and other generators a low-cost and easy way to provide electronics and battery recycling for themselves as well as their customers.

Find out how to recycle rechargeable and cell phone batteries at Call 2 Recycle.

Here is a recycling locator at Earth 911 to get you started!

I take my batteries to Batteries Plus for recycling. They also recycle light bulbs. There are many battery recycling options out there…you just need to do a little research to help save the earth!


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  1. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I know we need to recycle, but never knew where! I’m pinning so I will remember! Thanks–found you over at The Girl Creative Link Party!

    1. I know! Batteries are something we don’t think about, but they are very bad for the environment! Doesn’t take much to recycle them!

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