Spring Cleaning Outside Your Home

Spring is here and this is the time for spring cleaning if you haven’t gotten started already. But it’s not just the inside of your home that could do with a good cleanup. Spring is a great time to begin spring cleaning outside of your home as well.

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Is your backyard a mess from the winter? Has your grass died, debris blown over, and all the lawn furniture still put away from winter? Spring is a great time to start bringing out the flowers, the lawn ornaments and other goodies you had to put away in the winter month. It all begins with a good spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Outside Your Home

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Clean your windows and screens – You can’t fully appreciate the great spring weather outside when you are unable to see outside properly. Winter storms can kick up a lot of dirt and film onto your windows and it can give them a dingy view. Taking some time to clean them up will brighten the entire room. Start with your screens. Remove them, take them outside and wash them. Then wash the outside of your windows and you’ll be able to wash the indoor windows and see when they are properly cleaned.

Clean out the gutters – Now you want to take the time to clean out the gutters or hire someone to do it for you. You want to remove any leaves, trash, or other debris that may have gotten caught in your gutters or runoff from your roof.

Clean up those leaves – Now you want to clean up all the leaves that may still be covering your lawn so that spring grass can grow up underneath it. If you don’t have the time or energy to rake all those leaves yourself, consider hiring someone to come in one day and just haul it all out for you.

Check your fencing – Is it odd? Is there any rot? Are there pieces of fencing falling down? Whatever kind of fencing you have at or around your home, this is a great time to check it for any needed repairs. Old, rotting wood fencing might need to be replaced.

Pressure wash – Sometimes your house just needs a good bath, especially if there was a rough winter of storms that came through. You could rent or borrow a pressure washer and then just give your house a good wash down outside.

Clean out the flower beds – You should also take this time to clean out the flower beds of any leaves, trash, or debris. If you need to replant, reseed, or add new mulch to anything, now is the time to do it. You can get those flower beds looking clean and fresh for new flowers to bloom in.

You can then take the time to pull out any patio or lawn furniture you may have put away for the winter months. You should plan where you want certain outdoor items to go if you’re changing it from a previous year, and you can bring out lawn décor, garden flags, wind chimes and more.

With these tips for spring cleaning outside your home, you are ready to get to work and make your home look as great outside as you feel inside. Don’t expect to do all of your outdoor spring projects in the same day. Take your time and have fun and you can beautify your home inside and out.


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  1. I love being outside, and this is helpful for keeping me focused on what needs to be done in the yard. But first I need to tackle the inside cleaning. April has been a super busy month so far!

  2. I love this time of year when we give everything a good cleaning and refresh. I forget to clean the windows, so thank you for the reminder! Before I put new mulch down each spring, I put a layer of cardboard from old cardboard boxes. Then I put the fresh mulch on top of that. It helps tremendously at keeping the flower beds free from weeds for an entire year!

  3. Love this list! Many (including myself) get so caught up in spring cleaning the inside of their house that the outdoors usually goes unnoticed. Definitely taking these suggestions! Thanks so much for sharing these useful tips on #shinebloghop, Susan. So glad you were able to join us this week!

  4. It’s good to remember the garden as well as the house. Little jobs done now will make a big difference later on in the summer – good tips, thanks.

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