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Tasty Grilled Vegetable Recipes

Trying to get my family to eat more vegetables has always been a constant battle. Whether it’s asparagus or carrots, getting them to get excited about vegetables is pretty challenging. If you’re looking for an easy side dish or even a new main dish that your family will love, you’ve got to try these grilled vegetable recipes!

20 grilled vegetable recipes - a collection of great grilled veggie recipes for the family!

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The charred flavors from the grill give these delicious dishes a new flavor that your family will come to love! Whether you need to whip up a quick side to go with your burgers or just sneak in a few more vegetables, these vegetable recipes are perfect! If you try any of these awesome grilled vegetable recipes, you’re bound to find one everyone in the family loves!

Grilled Vegetable Recipe Supplies You’ll Want:

Tips for Using Skewer Sticks When Grilling: All your skewer sticks to soak in water for about 20-30 minutes. This will slow down how quickly they burn/heat up while on the grill.

Tasty Grilled Vegetable Recipes

1. Grilled Rosemary Sweet Potatoes

If you’re looking for a way to spice up the same old sweet potatoes without all the head inside the house, these grilled sweet potatoes are perfect! Pair a bit of crispy with the soft inside of these sweet potato slices for the best tasting grilled veggies everyone is going to want!

2. Grilled Broccoli

Getting bored of having the same old steamed broccoli with your meal? Try out this easy and quick way to grill broccoli in the oven, stove-top, and yes even on the grill! It takes just 35 minutes to go from fresh to fully cooked and ready to eat!

3. Balsamic Grilled Vegetables

This recipe shows you the key tips when grilling vegetables together, focus on picking veggies that all have the same weight so they will all cook at about the same speed. Using a grill basket is going to the easiest way to coat your veggies in Balsamic oil. Prepare for the veggies to take about 30 minutes total to cook and then serve with your main dish (or as your main dish!)

4. How to Make Grilled Vegetables 

If you’ve never tried grilled vegetables, you’re missing out! See the basics of how to grill vegetables either on the actual outdoor grill OR in your oven/stovetop. Plus learn how to coat your veggies with oil and how long to cook these delicious bites that you can pair with just about anything to complete your plate.

5. Sausage Stuffed Grilled Jalapenos

Add some spice when you cook up these delicious stuffed jalapeno peppers! You only need six ingredients and 20-25 minutes to go from plain to complete. This is an easy-to-follow recipe that allows you to focus on one part at a time while the peppers are cooking, you focus on cooking the sausage and it all gets done at the same time!

6. Grilled Marinated Asparagus with Gremolata

Asparagus is a great healthy addition to any meal and this grilled version only requires 5 ingredients (there are two additional ingredients that are optional). Cover your asparagus in oil and season and then allow to marinate for about 15 minutes before grilling with the side lemon for just 2-3 minutes!

7. Traeger Grilled Corn on the Cob

Did you know that corn on the cob is super quick and easy to throw on the grill and cook too? You can throw a couple of cobs on the grill with your meat and let it cook inside the husk for about 35 minutes, then when you pull it off the grill you can get rid of the husk and season with salt and butter inside a gallon bag.

8. Grilled Vegetable Pizzas

Turn the classic favorite of pizza into a healthy vegetable option for the whole family! Use a pizza stone on the grill to make sure you don’t lose any dough. Roll your dough out and make your fresh pizza, allow the grill to heat up while you do this. Then just add your pizza to the grill and allow it to cook for about 35 minutes on the pizza stone.

9. Easy Grilled Vegetables 

If you’re worried about messing up grilled vegetables start with these easy picks: start with peppers, squash, and even carrots. You can season any of these vegetables with your choice of favorite spices to add an extra kick every single time you grill veggies!

10. Grilled Vegetable Kabobs

One easy way to make vegetables appealing is to put them on a stick. Kabobs are popular at cook-outs and with just regular everyday meals on the grill too. Have the entire family make their favorite vegetable kabobs (make sure to choose veggies that will all cook at the same speed). Most vegetable kabobs should only take about 25 minutes to finish cooking.

11. Grilled Corn on the Cob with Parmesan Garlic Butter

A little different than the grilled corn on the cob recipe, this recipe calls to shuck the husk before grilling but adds a lot of flavor with a homemade garlic butter you’re going to want to use on everything!

12. Teriyaki Cabbage Steaks

Create a perfect vegetarian entree or side dish with these cabbage steaks. The key to making these cabbage steaks is to cut the cabbage into slices like a steak and then season with teriyaki and your choice of seasonings. It takes about 45 minutes to cook until tender and you can even reheat leftovers!

13. Grilled Cauliflower Skewers

If you’re a big potato fan but are trying to eat healthier you can try cauliflower! You can add some sizzle to it when you toss it on the grill on skewer sticks. It takes just 5 to 7 minutes per side on the grill and then you add your seasonings of choice (it’s recommended to add lemon juice) and it’s ready to eat!

14. Grilled Eggplant 

Do you enjoy squash or grilled tomatoes? You’ll for sure like grilled eggplant! When finished it has a crispy outside and juicy inside. You only need 4 necessary ingredients and then your spicy seasoning of choice. Use a grill mat to cook directly on the grill and spend about 10 minutes on each side grilling until done. Serve as a side dish with your favorite main course.

15. Grilled Vegetable Calzones

Add a new twist on a pizza-style favorite with these grilled vegetable calzones. You’ll want to pre-cook your vegetables so there isn’t a lot of excess water going into the dough. Then just roll your dough out flat and add the veggies and sauce into it and fold over and seal the ends of your calzone. Cook for about 40 minutes on the grill.

16. Grilled Vegetable Kabobs

Own an Air Fryer? You can grill or air fry your veggies now! We all know kids like bright colors so mix and match veggies that are about the same density so they cook at the same time to a skewer stick. If using a grill allow to cook on each side and rotate at 10-minute intervals. If using an Air Fryer then you cook them for just 10 minutes total and rotate at 5 minutes.

17. Low Carb Grilled Vegetables

Start dinner with a new healthy snack with a dish of grilled vegetables with balls of mozzarella! This recipe is low carb so perfect if you are following select diet plans. Slice your chosen vegetables into pieces and add olive oil to a bowl, toss your vegetables around in the bowl until coated. In total grilling, a full bowl of veggies should only take about 15-20 minutes total!

18. Traeger Grilled Vegetables

If you’ve ever wondered if you can cook broccoli on the grill, the answer is YES! You can cut your veggies into slices or spears and cook in aluminum foil or on a flat grill mat so you can add seasonings or marinades while cooking. Most veggies will all cook on the grill in about 25 minutes or less but some may cook faster so keep an eye on them

19. Grilled Vegetable Tacos

This grilled veggie recipe is a new one and a very adaptable one to your own dietary needs. It’s also an easy way to clean out the fridge of leftover veggies. Dice your vegetables and put a light coating of olive oil all over them. Add them to the grill (on your grill mat or stone) and allow to cook for about 15-20 minutes. You can then season as desired and serve in a tortilla or in rice bowls.

20. Grilled Mushrooms on Skewers

We’ve been waiting for this one! Grilled mushrooms are amazing, make them into a kabob for a quick snack while the other foods are cooking on the grill. You only need your mushrooms and whatever seasonings you’d like to try. Cut whole mushrooms into slices and add them to a gallon bag with your seasonings, allow to sit for about 35 minutes. Then put your skewer sticks through the mushroom pieces and grill for 6 minutes. Ta-da you’re ready to eat!

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