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20 Homemade Father’s Day Card Ideas

Stumped on what to give dad for Father’s Day? Try one of these creative and fun homemade Father’s Day card ideas!

Father’s Day will be here before you know it, and if you haven’t already started planning what to do for that special guy in your life, a homemade card is perfect! Your kids will love putting together these creative homemade cards that are both fun and will show their dad just how special he is to them.

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A collage of creative fun homemade Father's Day card ideas for kids!


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Best Homemade Father’s Day Card Ideas

Whether you’re looking for a great last-minute gift idea or something fun to do with your kids this Father’s Day, any of these cards would be perfect! Here are 20 fun homemade Father’s Day cards that any of your kids can make this year!

1. Baseball Glove Photo Pop-Up Father’s Day Card

Father's Day Card shaped like a baseball glove

If dad loves baseball, then make him this cute card! It has a fun feature where you can push the baseball up and reveal a photo of the kiddos!

2. Grill Master Father’s Day Card Using Mike & Ikes

DIY Father's Day Card that reads - Dad The Grill Master

Dads love to grill – and if the dad in your life really enjoys grilling, then make him this grill master card. The coolest thing about it is that it uses Mike and Ike candies to look like hot dogs on the grill.

3. Light-up Father’s Day Cards

You Are My Father Happy Father's Day card

Any dad that’s a Star Wars fan is going to love these cards! All you need are some straws and LED lights to make your own mini lightsabers. Plus, this tutorial gives you the printable for free too.

4. Monster Handprint Craft

Monster Handprint Cards

How cute are these handprint cards? Handprints are always a fantastic choice for parents and grandparents because it’s fun to compare them over the year and see them grow. With this card, your kiddos can make their own unique monsters out of their hands. It’s adorable!

5. Handprint Yoda Father’s Day Card

Yoda Father's Day Card

Another way to use a handprint is in a Yoda-themed card. The palm becomes Yoda’s face and the fingers are the stripes on his clothes. It’s such a unique idea!

6. Fingerprint Monkey Card Idea “I Love Hangin’ With You”

I love hangin with you dad card

Instead of using the entire hand, you can make monkeys out of your kiddo’s fingerprints! This cute monkey card is super simple and has a fun theme too.

7. Fathers Day Accordion Card

I love you this much card

You know the saying. How much do I love you? I love you THIS MUCH! Turn that fun saying into a cute card! Your child will have a blast decorating it and coloring it.

8. Father’s Day “You’re The Best Pop” Popcorn Card

You're The Best Pop - card

Make a 3D card with cotton balls as the popcorn. This punny card is really easy even for preschoolers to help you make. It’s a fun art project for kiddos of all ages.

9. Teddy Bear Card w/ Kid’s Photo – 3D Craft for Father’s Day

Teddy Bear Card

You don’t need a cutting machine to make this cute teddy bear card. The tutorial has a free pattern you can download and use. It’s a fun way to include a photo of your kids in the card.

10. Free Printable Fathers Day Cards

3 Printable Father's Day Cards

If you want something super-simple and super-fast, then these 3 printable cards are just for you! They are coloring pages that your kids can decorate and sign – easy peasy!

11. How to Make a Father’s Day Shirt Card With A Tie

Father's Day Shirt Card

Does dad like to dress up? This tutorial has a free template so your kids can make their own Father’s Day shirt card. Younger and older kiddos will all enjoy putting this card together.

12. Father’s Day Shirt Card With Bowties

Shirt card with a bowtie

If dad wears bowties more often, then make him this bowtie card. The fun thing about this card is that it uses bowtie pasta and real buttons. It’s fun for kids and works best with a hot glue gun.

13. Pop Up Trophy Card for Dad

pop up trophy card for dad

Show dad that he wins first place in your life with this pop-up trophy card. Kiddos can decorate it with their favorite stickers and sign their name.

14. Easy Popsicle Father’s Day Card Craft with Printable

DIY Popsicle Card

Another card that kids can really make their own is this creative popsicle card. The idea is pretty basic, so there is a lot of room for your kiddos to be creative.

15. Twist and Pop Fathers Day Card

Twist and Pop Father's Day Card

This card is better for older kids to make because it involves some origami and paper folding. The tutorial has a printable template and very detailed instructions – even a video. It’s a lot of fun and looks incredible when it is finished.

16. Easy DIY Fathers Day Craft

Green popsicle card

Another fun popsicle-themed card is this one! It’s a fantastic way for kids to engage their fine motor skills. Plus, they can decorate their popsicles however they want.

17. Handprint Rocket Card for Father’s Day

Rocket Father's Day Card

Can you see the handprints? They are hidden as the flames in the rocket ship! This cute idea is a lot of fun to make and even better for dads that enjoy science and outer space.

18. Father’s Day Crate and Card

Father's Day Crate and Card

If you want to add a gift to the card, use this printable card and tag. It’s a cute way to give dad his favorite Root Beer along with a thoughtful card where the kids can write their own note.

19. DIY Father’s Day Tomato Card 

Tomato Father's Day Card

Whether dad loves gardening or just cute puns, this tomato card is the best one! The tutorial shows you how to make it every step of the way – and it’s fun for smaller kids to make too.

20. Father’s Day Bookmark and Card Watercolor Art Project

Father's Day Watercolor Art

Finally, kids of all ages will enjoy making cards and bookmarks that look like tie-dye. There are endless ways you can decorate them – and if dad loves to read, he will use the bookmarks for sure.

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