25 Adorable Easter Cookies

From flowers to bunnies, these adorable Easter Cookies will look perfect on your dessert table! Add them to your collection of Creative Easter Ideas so you can have the best Spring holiday!

Let’s be honest, cookies are some of the easiest desserts to make. They are a lot easier to decorate than cupcakes – and they can feed a crowd, too!

I compiled a list of the easiest, cutest, and sweetest Easter cookies for you. This is a pastel dream come true!

A collage of adorable Easter cookies. Bunny, chick and bird nest cookies and so many more.

Browse the list and pick out your favorites. The recipes span the spectrum from simple drop cookies to more detailed frosted cookies.

But one thing they all have in common – they’re all perfect for Easter! There isn’t a single boring or monochrome cookie in the bunch.

So, grab your blender and cookie sheets – let’s get baking!

Types Of Cookies

I tried to include a bunch of different kinds of cookies in this list so you can pick out your favorite ones.

Here’s a quick overview of the types of cookies that are in this list.

  • Cookie Cups – These are cookies shaped like cups filled with filling. They’re bite-sized treats.
  • Iced Cookies – these are premade cookies (like Nutter Butters) that are decorated with icing to look like something else.
  • Candy Drop Cookies – These are drop cookies (like chocolate chip cookies) with pastel M&M cookies or Cadbury eggs in them.
  • Shaped Cookies – Cookies that look like bunnies, flowers, or eggs
  • Bird’s Nest – These are cookies that look like they have eggs in a cute bird’s nest.

Scroll through the list of sweet Easter cookies and pick out your favorites.

Make something that’s really easy or try something new!

Each idea in the list has a link to the complete recipe. Click through and follow the instructions. It’s easy to make the cutest and best Easter cookies.

You can even bake Easter cookies with your friends or kids. It’s a fantastic way to make memories together.

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Easter Cookie Supplies

Before you start baking your cookies, there are a few supplies you’ll need to have.

Each recipe has the exact tools listed, so click through and see what you’ll need. But, in general, here are the baking tools that I use the most.

A stand mixer or even an eclectic mixer isn’t required. You can mix the batters by hand. But, it will take so much longer. I love my stand mixer and can’t imagine baking without it.

I also suggest getting some cute serving trays! That way you can show them off after you bake them.

More Easter Ideas

Easter eggs are the other fun part of celebrating Easter. Here are some ways to decorate Easter eggs with your kids.

It’s so much fun to try new things! Baking new cookies, dying the eggs, it’s all part of the fun of this spring holiday.

Here’s the full list of the sweetest Easter cookies you’ll ever bake! Click through to your favorite ones.

25 Easter Cookies

Easter is of the most fun holidays to celebrate. After the egg hunting, what comes next? A sweet treat! Here are 25 irresistible Easter Cookie recipes that'll have everyone craving more. From classic egg cookies to adorable bunny shapes that'll make you eggzoited!

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