20 Easy Free Printable Easter Crafts

Skip the craft store and use your printer! These Free Printable Easter Crafts are fun for kids (and easy on your budget, too!). Add them to your list of Creative Easter Ideas to do this spring.

Are you looking for some really simple Easter crafts to do with your kids? Then check these out! All of them are so simple that your older kids can do them with your younger ones.

Save these printable crafts for those rainy days when kids are stuck inside. Or keep the printed pieces for those times when kids need to be kept busy and quiet.

A pin collage for easter crafts for kids that include free printables.

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A collage of Easter printables including an Easter Planner printables, Easter Gift Tags, Easter treat bag toppers and more.

All you need is a color printer, colored pencils, and some scissors, and you’re on your way to making the crafts.

And everything in this list is related to Easter in some way. You’ll find lots of printable Easter eggs and Easter bunny crafts all in one place.

Types of Printable Easter Crafts

When you hear the word “printable,” does your mind instantly think of coloring pages? It makes sense, most printables are coloring pages.

And most of the printables in this list can be colored, too! But there are more things than just coloring pages in this list.

You’ll find bunny puppets, Easter egg photo frames, and a few different ways to make Easter wreaths, too.

In fact, most of the free printable Easter crafts in this list are so cute that you’ll be proud to display them.

There are also some cute finger puppets on the list! After you make and decorate them, you can put on a little puppet show.

Also, I have these Hoppy Easter Gift Tags that are great for gifts and decorations!

A pin collage for 20 easter crafts for kids that include free printables.

There are also some cute bunny masks and bunny hats on the list, too. After your kids make them, they can wear them while they hunt for Easter Eggs.

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Printable Easter Craft Supplies

Besides a good color printer, what else do you need before you begin to make these easy Easter crafts?

I suggest printing everything out on cardstock paper, especially if you’re going to cut the paper. Regular printer paper won’t be durable enough.

Next, make sure you have glue sticks or some clear tape. Some of these crafts will involve attaching pieces together.

Click through and read the exact instructions for each craft. Some of the crafts will require paper plates or other specific supplies.

A pin collage for easter crafts for kids that include free printables.

All in all, these are going to become your favorite Easter crafts to make with your kids!

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

If you enjoyed these printable Easter crafts, here are some easy ways to decorate your Easter eggs, too!

Dying and coloring eggs is just as much fun as creating bunny crafts!

Are you ready for the list? Here you go! These are the easiest and most fun printable Easter crafts for kids!

Free Printable Easter Crafts

Get creative this Easter with this collection of free printable Easter crafts. Simply download, print, and start crafting - it's that easy! Whether you're looking for activities for a classroom, daycare, or just some fun at home, these free printable Easter crafts are perfect for all ages.

I hope you enjoyed this quick list of ideas. If you did, please pin it to Pinterest so you can find it later. Thank you!

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