20 Popular Halloween Costume Ideas For Boys

Whether you like to make or purchase Halloween costumes you can get some great ideas with these 20 Halloween Costumes For Boys! Find more Halloween Costume Ideas for you and the family!

While you can get away with cute Halloween costumes for younger boys, the older they get the scarier and creepier they want their costumes to be. In this list, I picked out costumes that are perfect for boys under the age of 12.

This is the age when they still love trick or treating; embrace it! I’ll even include some tips to help your family pick the best costumes together.

A collage of boy Halloween costumes including lego costume, Batman, and superhero!
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Types of Boys Costumes

The easiest way to choose which costumes to buy for boys is to browse by costume type. Start out with a category and narrow it down from there. You’ll have a Halloween costume picked out in no time at all!

From Movies

Whether your child loves Toy Story or the Ghostbusters, start searching for movie costumes. There are tons of not-scary ideas out there that are fun to wear (and comfortable too). Ask your son to write down his 5 favorite movies and then go searching.

Funny Costumes

You don’t have to dress up like a character – go funny! I included some creative and original costumes that will make your child laugh. The best part is that you can even make some of them at home on the cheap!

The arrow through the head is a classic gag that boys still love.

TV Characters

Maybe they don’t like movies, but they might want to dress up like characters from their favorite TV show. Browse those too!

Family Costumes

Try to put together a family theme. This will narrow down the choices, making it easier to choose what they want to wear. You can even let your kiddos choose the family theme. Lots of the ideas below can easily be part of a family costume.

Be Simple

Sometimes, just adding some glow in the dark aspects to a reused costume is enough to make it brand new and fun again! This is a really easy idea to upcycle something without spending lots of money.

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Halloween Costumes For Boys

20 Popular Halloween Costumes For Boys.

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