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Pretty Easter Treats

Are you ready to make some of the most adorable and delicious Easter treats out there? Whether you’re doing the Easter baking for the kids, family, or maybe even classrooms, there is sure to be one Easter recipe you’re going to HAVE to make on this list!

Combine chicks, carrots, bunnies, and more to make some of the cutest Easter treats this holiday season!

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Easter Baking Supplies:

If you’ve got kids attending your Easter event, this printable Hoppy Easter Gift Tag makes it super easy to create mini-baskets for them in no time at all.

Hoppy Easter Treat Bag topper that features an adorable bunny with easy to read greeting

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1. Carrot Vegetable Pizza

This is a new twist on something that might be harder to get the kids to eat on a regular basis. Make it festive and fun with this veggie blend for Easter and watch everyone eat it up!

Easter Vegetable Pizza featuring broccoli and cheese in a creative healthy "rabbit" like treat

2. Sunflower Easter Peeps Brownies

Everyone loves Peeps! Top your favorite cake paired with your favorite Peep flavors (they add more new flavors every single year it seems!) Perfect Easter Dessert that is quick, easy, and delicious!

A circle plate of brownies adorned with a circle of yellow peeps and chocolate chips in the center making a Sunflower appearance

3. Cadbury Mini Egg Cookie Dough Dip

You don’t often hear dip for Easter, but let me tell you, once you make this Cadbury Cookie Dough Dip you’ll be asked to make it every single year! Plus if you have your supplies at room temperature it only takes 5 minutes to make!

Cadbury Cookie Dough Dip made from Cadbury Eggs, sugar, and extra ingredients in less than 5 minutes

4. Peeps Pudding Pops

A new twist and cold way to enjoy the holiday favorite. Combine pudding, coconut, and peeps to create a one-of-a-kind treat that the whole family will enjoy!

Pudding Pops featuring classic Easter Bunny Peeps, pudding, and green colored coconut

5. Easter Chick Cupcakes

You don’t have to be a pro baker to make these adorable little chicks. Follow the step-by-step instructions and images (make it super easy) to make them from scratch, including the frosting!

Easter Cupcakes in the shape and look of baby chicks featuring yellow bodies and small chocolate eyes

6. Easter Birdy Cake Pops

These aren’t as hard to make as they may look! You can follow image instructions on exactly how to piece together these adorable little birdie pops! (Plus cake pops are super easy to make for any recipe too!)

Easter Blue Chick Cake Pops made with cake balls made into pops featuring bunny ears and wings

7. Bunny Butt Cookies

These adorable Bunny Butt Cookies will be the talk of any and all parties to come! This is actually one kids can help with and then piece them all together as a family!

Easy to make 3 piece cookies that create the image of a bunnys bottom when together

8. Gluten-Free Carrot Cake Sugar Cookies

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to sugary sweets for Easter, these are perfect! Not only are they Gluten Free, but they are also vegan and allergy-free too!

Sugar Cookies in the shape of carrots, made with vegan, gluten, and allergy free supplies

9. Bunny Butt Easter Pudding Cups

These adorable bunny butts are super easy to make with just a few supplies! (They are easier to make if you can find the seasonal Oreo Cookies.

Easter themed pudding cups with Oreo cookies, graham crackers, and icing.

10. Birds Nest Cookies

These nestly good cookies are made from just seven ingredients and can be adapted easily into paleo-friendly cookies too! Plus there’s a pretty cool video to watch on how to make them if you’re a visual learner.

Cookies made into the shape of nests with chocolate and egg hard candy in the middle

11. Rice Krispie M&M Easter Eggs

Take four easy to combine ingredients and you’ve got these pastel seasonal Easter treats that are sure to be a hit! These take only about 25 minutes to make too!

Rice Krispie Treats made into egg shapes and covered in Easter pastel M&M candy

12. Easter Trifle Dessert

A dessert that’s almost too pretty to eat! Combine bright pastel colors and make a perfect dessert that’s sure to impress everyone! (You can adapt the colors for any holiday/celebration!)

Colorful layered dessert featuring pastel colored cake mixes and whipped topping

13. Easter Bunny Bark

Who doesn’t love a good salty and sweet combo snack? Combine pretzels, candy, and chocolate for one epic Easter treat! Use holiday seasonal colored items to make it for every holiday including Easter!

Sweet and salty snack featuring pretzels, M&M candy, chocolate, and sprinkles

14. Jelly Bean Sugar Cookies

Easy to make favorite cookies combine with the holiday favorite candy, jelly beans! Use your favorite brand or try new ones (or throw everyone and use spicy or sour ones)

Simple sugar cookies with an added centerpiece of colorful jelly beans and sugar

15. Rice Krispie Bunny Pops

These bunny treats are perfect for classroom treats or gift bags! The recipe does require more supplies than most and may be time-consuming but they are so worth it!

Rice Krispie Treats molded into Bunny shapes complete with ears, noses, feet, and noses

16. Air Fryer Easter Bunny Donuts

Another amazing example of why having an Air Fryer is perfect! Match your donut icing to your peeps for an even better themed Easter treat!

Create air fryer donuts and top them with colored icing and easter peeps

17. Easter Egg Popsicles

Use those plastic Easter eggs to create a cold treat for the kids (or the entire family) to enjoy! Prep and completion time is just 10 minutes, so this is a quick dessert idea for Easter!

Plastic Easter Eggs made into popsicles

18. Shortbread Bunny Cookies

Bunny shapes dipped in colorful chocolate! These are a great Easter treat to make ahead and have everyone color them with their favorite pastel colors!

Shortbread Cookies cut into the shape of Easter bunnies and colored bottom halves with coconut flake tails

19. Bunny Peep Racers

Bunny racers start your engines! These Bunny Peeps Racers are complex to make but follow the step-by-step recipe to make these adorable little guys!

Create peep racers with Twinkies, Bunny Peeps, licorice, and nico wafer candy

20. Carrot Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Cover delicious strawberries in orange food-colored chocolate to create these easy and quick sweet Easter treat! The great thing about this is a set of supplies makes a larger batch of strawberries!

Orange Chocolate Covered strawberries made to look like carrots for Easter


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