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18 Creative Peeps Ideas

It’s that time of year and Peeps are popping up everywhere. Nowadays they aren’t just for the Easter baskets though. You can get the creative recipes flowing with some of these adorable Peeps ideas for parties, desserts, and more!

I love how you can use the peeps to accent so many foods for spring. Their bright color makes them festive for a spring occasion, not just Easter! Have you seen how many different flavors Peeps come in now? (They even have spicy ones too!)

Easter peeps recipe ideas

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Peep Recipe Ingredients:


1. Sunflower Peeps Brownie

Easy to make brownies and everyone gets a slice of the pie with this sweet treat! (Each slice will have its own peep to enjoy!) You can always add your own mix of peeps in different flavors to add some spicy to it!


2. Easter Peeps Mobiles

Tell me these aren’t the most adorable way you’ve seen Peeps to be used?! These are a bit time-consuming but the presentation is top-notch on these little guys! (Whoever makes them gets to eat the leftover pieces!)

Peeps Mobiles with Twinkies3. Peeps Cupcake Pops

Do you remember the classic push-pops ice cream? Now put a cupcake and Peeps twist on it with this amazing recipe! These are perfect for Easter and just treats in general. Kids of all ages are going to go bonkers for them!

Cupcake and Peeps Push Pops

4. Peeps Pudding Pops

If you have a lot of Peeps leftover after Easter and no idea how to use them, turn them into a frozen treat! The recipe just calls for a max of four ingredients to complete!

Easter Peeps Pudding Pops | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

5. Peeps Topiary

This is such a fun activity to do with the kids! You will a few boxes of your favorite peeps and a couple of other supplies to complete this one but it’s super easy! This Peeps Topiary is such a cute centerpiece idea for Easter!

Easter Peeps Topiary

6. Peep Straws

This is such an easy one to create because you only need two things! You can mix up the colors and make all kinds of combinations. (You can find your supplies at the local dollar store even!)

Peeps Straws

7. Peeps Sushi

Know someone who likes sushi? Put a Peep spin on it and create Peepshi! You’ll cut up and use every part of the peeps too! What makes these little peep rolls so adorable is they are done with all sweet treats but they look like real sushi!

Peeps Sushi

8. Chocolate Peeps

While they haven’t come out with an all-chocolate peep just yet they are getting close! Until then though you can make your own! You only need four supplies to make these little bunnies!

Chocolate Peeps

9. Peeps Easter Bark

If you need a last-minute dish or treat for Easter then make this Easter Peeps Bark in just 20 minutes from prep to serve! This is an easy one that the kids can help create too!

Easter Peeps Chocolate Candy Bark

10. Peeps Fondue

Need a party idea? You can set up a fondue table for everyone to create and enjoy their very own Peeps fondue! Find most of your supplies at your local dollar store! (Minus the melting chocolate)

Peeps Fondue Bar Table Setup

11. Hippity Hoppity Peeps Cupcake Toppers

Sweet lovers rejoice! These adorable cupcake toppers are the perfect addition to any dessert! (Plus you can also get the free Hop with Me printable too)

Cupcakes with Bunny Peeps Toppers

12. Peeps Sugar Cookies

Create your own Peep fun with these edible cuties! You don’t even need actual peeps for this one either! A fun recipe to create with the whole family.

Peeps Sugar Cookies

13. Peeps Pudding Cups

Another perfect last-minute idea for Easter using Peeps! You can buy the pre-made pudding cups and make these in less than 10 minutes! (If you’re making homemade pudding you can also make the Peeps Pudding Pops!)

Peeps Pudding Cups

14. Peeps Whoopie Pies

Learn how to make whoopie pies from scratch! Whoopie pies are super popular and now you can make them just in time for Easter or Spring (the pastels are perfect for both!).

Peeps made into Whoopie Pies

15. Happy Easter Peeps Bag Toppers

Super simple and festive at the same time. You get a FREE bag topper to make these adorable Peeps gift bags for everyone! You can choose your favorite flavor/color and the bag topper goes with them all.

Peeps Bag Toppers

16. Peeps Bunny Cake

This is a super budget-friendly dessert you can make that comes out very bright and festive! You can use regular M&Ms or pastels to add to the colorful presentation.

Peeps Border on M&M Covered Cake

17. Peeps Popcorn Balls

So if you aren’t a peeps fan then you’ll love melting them down for these easy-to-make Peeps popcorn balls! A messy recipe but a fun one! One tip to keep the peeps from sticking to your hand is to put a bit of butter on your hands beforehand.

Popcorn Balls made with Peeps

18. Peeps Pretzel Sticks

Combine sweet with salty in these quick and easy Peeps treats! You just need four ingredients to make these and the kids can help too!

Peeps Pretzel Sticks

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