25 Spooktacular Halloween Drinks For Kids

Just spooky enough to get kids to laugh, Halloween Drinks For Kids are perfect for Halloween parties! These Creative Halloween Ideas will fit in with any theme – from scary to silly.

As fun as it is to make Halloween cocktails, how do you make drinks for kids? Is it as easy as just leaving out the alcohol?

It can be that easy, but there are so many other ways to make Halloween drinks that kids love! It’s all about staying on theme. And don’t worry – all of the drinks on this list are so easy that you can literally make them last-minute.

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A collage of kids Halloween drinks including witch's brew and creepy green drinks.
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All of the drinks in this list are so different that you can serve all of them at your party without feeling like you’re making copycats.

All you have to do is buy the ingredients and decorations. Actually making the drinks is the easiest part of all.

As you make the drinks, you might be tempted to make a few extras for yourself. Go ahead! They are fruity and refreshing!

Halloween Drinks Kids Can Make

All of the drinks in this list are so easy that kids can help you make them! Some of them are as easy as printing a picture and gluing it to a juice box. Others are a bit more involved.

Making these drinks is a wonderful way to introduce kids to the fun world of cooking. They will learn how to measure, mix, and stir.

All of the Halloween Drinks For Kids are completely unique. Browse the list and pick out your favorites. Then, but the supplies. If you’re buying them online, give plenty of time for shipping.

These drinks are so creative and colorful that it will boost your kid’s confidence as they mix them up!

A collage of kids Halloween drinks including witch's brew and creepy eyeball drinks.

Make enough for a huge party or make a small amount for your family. The recipes are easy to change up for what you need.

Types Of Halloween Kids’ Drinks

What types of drinks can you make for kids on Halloween?

Most of the drinks in my list are made with some kind of fruit punch. Some of them are made by mixing juice with sparkling water to get that fizzy taste.

All of the drinks have bold colors that stand out on the table. You’ll get those colors either with food coloring or the type of fruit punch you use.

Click through all of the drink recipes on this list and pick out the ones that you want to make.

A collage of kids Halloween drinks including witch's brew, pumpkin drinks and creepy green drinks.

Some are easier than others, so keep your time limits in mind, too.

More Halloween Ideas

As you plan your Halloween party, here are some more fun Halloween ideas for kids.

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Halloween Drinks Supplies

Each drink will require a different set of supplies. Even so, there are a few general supplies that you’ll use for pretty much any drink you make. These are the most common supplies you’ll use:

Have fun with these drinks and decorate them to match your party’s theme!

Here is a list of creative and easy Halloween Drinks For Kids. Browse each one and click through to get the recipe.

Halloween Drinks For Kids

Get into the spooky spirit with these fun and festive Halloween drinks for kids! From ghoulishly green potions to creepy concoctions, these kid-friendly beverages are perfect for Halloween parties or just enjoying a chillingly good time. Serve up some witch's brew or vampire punch to delight your little ones.

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