Mini S’mores Pies

I love all things S’mores!!! I just can’t get enough of them. I love them as s’mores cookies, as brownies, muddy buddies, and I especially love them as Pie!!! Mini S’mores Pies to be exact! 

Mini S’Mores Pies

Mini S'mores Pies Recipe

We all know that S’mores are a campfire favorite and that we have some wonderful memories of Summer Camp. Now we send off all our children to live out those wonderful experiences. As an adult, I miss those days and now the Boy is all grown up and doesn’t do those fun kiddie things anymore.

Also, I much prefer a nice campfire on a cool crisp Fall evening rather than a hot sweltering Summer night. Sometimes on a Tuesday night, a big campfire with friends is not going to work. Sometimes our lives are just a little too hectic for a night like that.

But you know even on a busy weeknight, in between homework, soccer and ball practice, piano and dancing lessons, right after a quick family dinner, if you are all home at the same time, is when a S’mores craving will hit you……..

How nice would it be to have that crunchy, chocolatey, melty, gooey marshmallow treat smack dab in the middle of our crazy hectic week?

I love how all these classic flavors blend together in the perfect treat. So simple to make, so tasty, and so fun to eat! These Mini S’Mores Pies will have your family raving for more. You won’t have any trouble pleasing your hungry bunch with these gems. You might have to make a second batch to keep everyone happy and full.

That warm and toasty Marshmallow topping makes you get all excited for what is underneath. Chocolate pudding, Dark, Rich, Chocolate Pudding!

Lots and lots of Chocolate Pudding!

See how thick and wonderful that pudding is? It’s just hiding under that beautiful Marshmallow topping.

Mini S'mores Pies Recipe
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Mini S’mores Pies


  • Premade Keebler Graham Cracker Mini Pie Crusts
  • 1 package Dark Chocolate Instant Pudding Mix
  • 2 cups Mini Marshmallows


  • In a large mixing bowl make pudding according to the package directions. Pour the pudding into 6 pie crusts and place in the fridge to set up. Leaving the pudding overnight is best to have a firm base for your marshmallows.
  • Set your oven to broil on low. Pile up the marshmallows on each pie to cover the pudding completely. Place pies on a cookie sheet then place the pies in the oven.
  • DO NOT CLOSE THE DOOR OR WALK AWAY {you can have a burned mess in 2 seconds flat}
  • Turn every 10-15 seconds to brown each side evenly then remove cookie sheet. {take pies out if they are darkening and finish those that are not}
  • Serve and enjoy!!!

So when that craving hits you there is no need to chop down a tree to burn just whip up these Mini S’Mores Pies and you will have a perfect dessert to ease that craving!

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